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Below you will find som frequently asked questions and answers about e-mail.

Problems with e-mail account (KI-Login)

Contact your KIMKAT-administrator for questions on login information and your e-mail account.

Test if your e-mail account works

If you have problems with your e-mail account, there's an easy test you can do to see if your account has the correct settings or not. Instructions for how to do the test yourself.

I’m quitting my job at KI, what will happen to my e-mail account?

When a KI person is no longer active within KI the person is placed in a position of "grace". Grace is a variable length of time when the person can still access certain IT resources.

The applicable grace periods are as follows:

  • Employees - one month
  • Research students - one month
  • Affiliates - one month
  • Undergraduate students - one year

During this time you can still logon to your e-mail account, thereafter the account will be closed. If you put in an automatic reply to your account before the grace period is over, the automatic reply will be in function for one year.

Change of e-mail address due to name change

E-mail addresses can be changed if one changes one's name. That is done by the KIMKAT-administrator at your department, who can verify that the name change is correct.

E-mail clients supported by the central IT Support

The central IT Support at KI supports the following e-mail clients:

  • Outlook 2010 or later
  • Mac Mail in Mac OSX 10.6 or later
  • Outlook Web App 2010 (OWA)

Global address book

All KI-addresses can be found in a global address book (if you use one of the e-mail clients supported by the central IT Support) or the Outlook Web App 2010 (OWA).

I forgot my password

Read more on "Accounts and Passwords"

What is an e-mail client?

An e-mail client is a program that handles e-mail, for example Outlook 2007 or Mail in Mail OSX 10.6. You can send and receive e-mails with an e-mail client.

Configuration settings for reading e-mail via cell phone

You need the following information:

  • Domain: user
  • E-mail server: email.ki.se
  • Your user name, password and your e-mail address

You need to set up an Exchange account. Exactly how that is done varies a great deal depending on which cell phone you have. Keep in mind that you may need a mobile data service and that it costs money to use it.

Configuration settings for e-mail in Iphone

Configure settings for e-mail in your Iphone

Forward e-mails to other domains

In order to ensure that KI fulfils public authority requirements, it is not permitted to set up rules meaning that a person's incoming e-mails are automatically forwarded outside KI or its cooperative partners within Stockholm County Council. This rule about forwarding does not apply to students on a foundation and advanced level.

The domains that you can forward e-mails to are:

  • ki.se
  • sll.se
  • karolinska.se
  • ds.se
  • sodersjukhuset.se
  • erstadiakoni.se
  • shh.se
  • gih.se
  • incf.org
  • cebix.com
  • capio.se
  • ptj.se
  • smi.se
  • gic.se
  • ste.se

Reading e-mails online

Via OWA (Outlook Web App 2010), a web based e-mail client, you can read and send e-mails via a web browser. You can also see your calendar and the global address book via OWA. OWA works with all known web browsers. The address is https://email.ki.se.

The difference between logging in on a private or shared/public computer in OWA

When you log in on a shared/public computer you can't download and save e-mail attachments on the computer. You'll also be automatically logged out quicker: after 10 minutes on a shared/public computer and after 240 minutes on a private computer.

Download and save e-mail attachments in OWA

In order to be able to download and save e-mail attachments in OWA you need to choose the right option when logging in. If you choose to log in on a shared/public computer, OWA will not allow you, as a safety precaution, to save any attachments on the computer. If you log in on a private computer on the other hand, you can save attachments on the computer.

Set up an e-mail signature in Mac OS X mail

You can't set up an e-mail signature in Mac OS X mail, but you can do it via OWA instead. Set up an e-mail signature.

Design of KI's email signature

Error message from Mac Mail that it can't find the correct server

If Mac Mail can't find the correct server, you need to check that your settings are correct.

Do the following:

  • Change the setting for internal server to autodiscover.ki.se
  • Save the settings
  • Restart Mac mail