Facility management

Facility Management, FM, is the coordination and governance of activities that support an organization's core business and there will be a new way of Facility Management in Biomedicum. 

Ulrik Eriksson, chair of the FM-team. Photo: Ulf SirbornUlrik Eriksson is leading the Facility Management team in the Biomedicum project and he and his team is working to build up a common service organization at Biomedicum.

Ulrik has been working on Karolinska Institutet since February 2017. Facility Management as a term is new for KI and so is the way that Facility Management in Biomedicum will work.

"My job is to realize the vision about the future Facility Management," Ulrik Eriksson says. 

The FM-team will be located at the 2nd level in Biomedicum and provide the tenants with services such as fast-deliveries, infrastructural service, lab desk, supply center and much more so they can focus on the core-business. The first year there will be a larger team taking care of guarantee errands and naturally there will be more questions in the beginning since everything is new

To achieve the best Facility Management as possible it is important to involve the core-business on an early stage. Eva Palmer and Lottie Sjöstrand from the Biomedicum project, are working with Ulrik and they have meetings with the superintendents and researchers from the five departments that will move into Biomedicum.

"Facility Management in Biomedicum will be very different from how it works today when a lot of the FM-service is done at every department. In Biomedicum we will have shared-service and every tenant will be treated equal," Ulrik Eriksson continues.

Biomedicum will be a workplace, a building and a service. The architect designed Facility Management as a part of Biomedicum.