Ethical Guidelines for International Collaboration

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Karolinska Institutet’s ethical guidelines for international collaborations refer and relate to a number of internal and external policy documents, rules, guidelines and other information concerning ethical issues: 

Discrimination, harassment and victimization 

Karolinska Institutet’s action plan for equal treatment
Guidelines concerning discrimination, harassment and victimisation (pdf)
Advice for students who feel harassed or discriminated against

Ethical review and documentation 

Guidelines for planning, conducting and documenting experimental research (pdf)
Guidelines for planning, conducting and documenting clinical and epidemiological research (pdf)
CODEX – rules and guidelines for research

Corrupt practices 

Regler och riktlinjer för att motverka mutbrott och annan otillbörlig påverkan (document only available in Swedish)

Risk assessment 

Contact head of International Relations Office, Anna-Lena Paulsson, for information about risk assessment in international collaborations
If something happens

International documents 

Discrimination, harassment and victimisation

UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Ethical Review and documentation 

World Medical Association Declaration of Rancho Mirage on Medical Education
WMA International Code of Medical Ethics
WMA Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects

Corrupt practices 

United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Risk assessment 

Rio Declaration on Environment and Development