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The 20th of September it's time for the new employee survey. This is an opportunity for you as a KI employee to share your opinion on your workplace and how you perceive the working atmosphere and leadership. Your input on the organisation, visions and goals at KI are other important areas addressed in the survey.

Pratbubblor medarbetarundersökning 2017“Research and education at Karolinska Institutet are among the highest valued in the world and its foundation are the employees. Ensuring that the KI employees are being committed and content is crucial in our continued work on development and improvement. To assure that we capture everyones impression of KI as a workplace, it is important that as many employees as possible share their opinions through the questionnaire,” HR director Mats Engelbrektson emphasises.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire is web-based and will be distributed via e-mail through our partner Quicksearch. It will be available for two weeks and can be filled out on a computer, smartphone or tablet. There will be both a Swedish and an English version. Your response will naturally be totally confidential and will only be processed by Quicksearch, who will compile the results on different group levels.

Feedback and action plans

As soon as the result has been compiled, in November, it will be made available to your manager. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the feedback is communicated to your group or unit. The group or unit will then together plan and carry out any measures that may be necessary and scheduled in an action plan.

"Most important are the efforts following upon the questionnaire. Reflecting on the results, both the positive aspects and those that can be developed, and implement the improvements. It may sound given but it is easily forgotten,” Ulrica Tjäder, project manager for the survey adds.

Who is to respond to the survey?

The criteria to be met in order to answer the survey is that you should have been active at KI during the last 6 months to an extent of at least 40%. Employee groups included are employees including those on sick and parental leave, doctoral students and postdoctoral scholarship holders. The individual department can choose to include other groups provided the above criteria are met.

What has been done since the last survey?

Following the last survey, many goal-setting dialogues took place between the vice-chancellor, university director, head of departments, administrative managers and HR to analyse the results in relation to KI’s strategy and goals. The participants took part of ideas and tools to use in their own implementation efforts – all in all, about 500 action plans were drawn up throughout KI.

"For HR, the employee survey has also provided a good basis for the university’s constantly ongoing efforts to develop the work environment and make people more content about their workplace. One example is the education for managers in appraisal dialogues and the risk assessments and extended availability of physical training facilities. Another is the advanced programs/ courses in sleep and stress management that were developed based on the results of the survey,” says HR consultant Margareta Bratt-Carlström.

Questions and answers

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