Editor's interface and overall functions

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My workbench

Once you have logged in you will see a black menu bar at the top of the page. Click on the option My Workbench.

My workbench is the editor’s interface that shows the content you are responsible for. 

My workbench includes:

  • My edits. Pages, events, promos and the like that you have created and updated are listed here. You can change the sorting order by clicking on one of the headings. Click “view all” to display all the content. On the page you access it is possible to filter the content you wish to see.
  • All recent content. Here you can see all the content on sites where you have editor privileges. You can also search here by title, type of component, etc. You can only edit content that you are editor of.


There are a number of tabs at the top of My workbench that show:

  • My content. An overview over both My profile, My edits and All Recent content.
  • Create content. Create different types of content, same options as in the drop-down list at the top. This also includes Upload Media - the function you use to upload files.
  • File list. List of uploaded documents and images. Here you can search for files, edit descriptions of your files and delete old files. The list displays all uploaded files and images on ki.se. However, you can only edit and delete files that you are the editor of.
  • Users. An overview of all the users in the system.
  • Active site Swedish/English. After logging in you first access the Swedish content. Click on the English tab to access a workbench with only English content. When you need to create content in English, select the English tab to load the component in the correct language.

At the top of the page are the Add Content and My Workbench drop-down lists, these are quick links to the tool that you always access when logged in.

Overall functions

Below are some features that can be found on the different page types and when you intend to edit content.

Box with a circle: Start to type to see suggestions

This kind of box with a ring in the right-hand corner indicates that information has been entered. Go to the box and start typing the first letters of the word/name to produce a list of suggestions.

Remove information in already completed fields

In Drupal move to the field in question and delete the text in the field. You do this to remove, for example, a tag, a link, a document, or the like that has been entered in a separate field. Refresh the page, and the information is no longer visible.

Edit from the surf mode via the gear icon

Once you are logged in, you can surf to the page or component you wish to edit and look for the gear icon displayed in the right-hand corner on this. Move the cursor over this to display the different options available. You also do this to continue editing a page you have just published. 

Save regularly, do not go back

We recommend that you do not use the Back button of your browser. Always remember to save before switching to another page, otherwise you will lose your most recent changes.


Always enter appropriate tags (keywords) in the Tags field for the page/document, for example, History. Remember that the tags are used in the search engine so that visitors are able to filter the results. The tags are also used to display pages with similar content and are used by the system and so editors are able to find pages easier. A list of tags can be found on Internwebben. Report new tag suggestions to webbteamet@ki.se.

Start with the right language

When you create or search for content, always make sure you have selected the right active site (Swedish/English). You cannot change language once you have started to create e.g. a page. Neither will you be able to find English content in the Swedish context, and vice versa. Also see the section Language management.

Time control a page or news item

Publish on

  • Date the publishing date
  • Time - time of publication

Unpublish on

  • Date the unpublishing date
  • Time - time of unpublishing


Drupal saves the latest versions of a page. To use a previous version, do like this:

  1. Go to the "gear" onto a page while logged in, and select Revisions.
  2. You will now see a page that lists the latest versions of a page. You can click Compare to compare the changes made to the page before you decide respect of which version you want to use. Choose revert to select the version you want to use.

Version information

Here you can enter an explanation of the changes you have made to the page.

Clone content

At times you may want to make a copy of a component or page. The Clone tool is used for this:

  1. Open the page you wish to clone in edit mode.
  2. At the top of the menu is a Clone button.
  3. Click on this and a copy of the page is created.
  4. Change the title and content to be edited and save.


We recommend that you use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when you work in the system. With other browsers you may have trouble performing some operations.

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