E-mail for Mac

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Follow the instructions below to set up and install an e-mail ccount on your Mac.

Choose "Accounts" and select the plus sign icon in the lower left corner. Choose Exchange as the mail account to add.

E-post för Mac 1 - Konton Exchange

Fill in the fields with your name, e-mail and password after you have chosen the Exchange account according to the template below.

Please disregard the warning message "unable to verify account name or password" and simply proceed.

E-post för Mac 2 - Fyll i namn, e-post och lösenord

Fill in the new areas as indicated in picture below, then choose to sign in:

E-mail: enter your e-mail address

User Name: fill in your KI-ID after "user\"

Password: enter your KI-password

Internal URL: autodiscover.ki.se

External URL: no information required here.

E-post för Mac 3 - E-post, user, lösen, intern server (på engelska)

Select what you wish to synchronize (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.). Press Done.

E-post för Mac 4 - val för synkning (E-post, kalender, mm)