Developing the staff portal

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All employees and affiliates at Karolinska Instiutet have access to information about their employment, notifications on what is happening at the University and useful tips and tools on the Staff portal.

The Staff portal is open to all and there is no log in function to access it. There are however, a number of internal web sites among the institutions (with institution-specific information) that may require a special log in for access. 

We are currently developing the staff portal in order to be able to include information and material that may require login using your KI-ID. The idea is that once you log in on the web site (or on your computer at work) you will access information tailored to your specific needs. You will access news, calender events, and tools based on what institution or organsational unit you belong to and thus information that is not necessarily accessible to all. You will have the possibility to adapt/adjust what is to appear on the page.

We will continue developing both the Staff Portal and in CMS Drupal 8, while phasing out and eventually leaving Polopoly, where applicable.


This is the overall plan for developing the staff portal during the first half of 2018, with the launch after summer.

Illustration of project plan


The technical platform is completed, including style sheet. 


Upgrading the staff portal - migrating to Drupal 8 (the next version of the content management system we are using).


Now you can log in - the staff portal knows what your KI ID is. You still get the same info as before. 


Central and local content is published. First news and pages, then the calendar.  


The landing page now looks different once you are logged in and soon you will be able to make changes in what content you see.


The tools shortcut is in place


The developed staff portal should be ready for launch after summer 2019.

Steering group

Marie-Louice Isacson, (chair)
Caroline Runéus, Director of communications
Gustaf Risling Head of unit, IT-department
Jill Jönsson, Head of unit Internal communications 

The team

Vendela Magnusson, project manager
Jenny Hermansson, the webteam
Jenny Thorell, the webteam
Viktoria Olausson, communications officer
Tomas Erikson, ITA
Kristina Sommar, ITA


Communications officer

Digital Communications Officer

Viktoria Olausson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 865 35
Organizational unit: Internal Communications and Operational Support

Project manager

Project manager

Vendela Magnusson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 22
Organizational unit: Internal Communications and Operational Support