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The web site of Karolinska Institutets is built in the content management system Drupal. We need to update it to the next version now, and take the opportunity to develop the web site and prepare for the development of the Staff Portal. 

Developing is the first part of the project of developing Drupal and the Staff portal. This means a development to a safer and better system, and also a remake of the profile to a more modern look. The start mage is remade and a new meny system will follow throughout the web site. The development also makes it easier for editors to manage their content. 


March - April

Final development and tests
Clear out old content
Learn and practise Drupal 8

May - vacations

Migration from
Adapt landing pages and maybe some other content
Launching in Drupal 8

After summer

Launching developed Staff portal
Create local content

What does this mean for the editors?

The system will feel familiar to you but some things will have changed and hopefully to the better. We will offer information opportunities and work spaces for you to familiarise with the system well ahead of the launch.
All content will auto migrate with a few exceptions:  

  • Unpublished pages
  • Passed calendar events
  • Unlinked documents
  • Forms

All migrated content will look like before - except for landing pages. These will have to be re-edited a little. Migrated images will end up in a separate folder and will be visible on migrated pages but can't be reused unless they are uploaded again to the Media bank. In the future all photos and illustrations will be kept in the media bank only and be linked in to Drupal.  

After migration the old will be the public web site for another two weeks or so. Changes will not survive the launch so during this period you will need to double publish. All editors will get the information you need well ahead of the migration. The web team will provide support. 

What must editors do?

Before migration of content please clean out old content as much as possible. Use the tool Siteimprove ( if you don't know what that is, as your head editor or the web team) . It is useful to consider the target group for your info. If the target group is internal the content should move to the Staff portal.  

In early April we will invite you to the new course website and to the course in Canvas where you will be able to practise what's new. If you already work in Drupal you will only need to get updated on changes while new editors do the course and certification as before. Closer to the launch we will remove the course in Drupal 7. 

What about developing the Staff portal?

Since the decision was made to start with updating to Drupal 8 first, the development of the Staff portal with login is pushed until after vacations. We will continuously provide info on the developments here. 

Steering group

Marie-Louice Isacson (chair)
Caroline Runéus, Director of communications
Gustaf Risling Head of unit, IT-department
Jill Jönsson, Head of unit Internal communications 

The team

Vendela Magnusson, project manager
Jenny Hermansson, the webteam
Jenny Thorell, the webteam
Viktoria Olausson, communications officer
Tomas Erikson, ITA
Kristina Sommar, ITA


Communications officer

Digital Communications Officer

Viktoria Olausson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 865 35
Organizational unit: Internal Communications and Operational Support