David and Astrid Hagelén Foundation

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The David and Astrid Hagelén Foundation hereby invites applications for post-doctoral stipends or grants for researcher salaries for medical research.


The grant is available for junior Swedish or researchers from abroad at postdoc level who graduated between September 17, 2015 and September 17, 2018. The applicant should be active at Karolinska Institutet and shall not yet have attained docent competence.

Priority will be given to researchers who have developed or intend to develop a line of research at another department than the one where they carried out their doctoral education.


The stipend of 25,000 SEK per month will be awarded for one year, with the option of a twelve-month extension after the first year. The foundation will also cover the costs of health or accident insurance. The research for which the stipend is awarded is to be conducted during the stipend term with a maximum advance of 6 months. In addition, 75,000 SEK will be paid for the year to cover the running costs of the project in question. If the sum is paid as a grant, the entire sum of 394,000 SEK will be paid to the department to cover monthly salary costs.

Any papers published by the recipient must clearly state that the research has been conducted with financial support from the David and Astrid Hagelén Foundation.


The application must be submitted digitally. The online form will be available ​through KI Prisma during the application period, September 4 – 18, 2018. Application period closes 2.00 pm.


Decision of grant will be taken by the Board of the foundation. All applicants will be notified by e-mail in December.


  1. Project description, max. 2 pages of A4
  2. Letter of recommendation that confirms that the applicant has an scientific independence and an ability to develop a personal line of research after graduation.
  3. Letter from the head of department testifying to active involvement in the research at KI.


For questions regarding this call please e-mail: fonder@ki.se