Current deadlines related to doctoral courses and activities

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Here are some key dates to be aware of when arranging doctoral courses and other doctoral education activities.

Course syllabus

Monday 3 September 2018 - deadline for submitting (for review) a new or revised syllabus in KIWAS for a spring semester 2019 course that will be advertised via the course catalogue.

For the research schools, Thursday 1 November 2018 is deadline for submitting (for review) a new or revised syllabus in KIWAS for courses that are planned for the spring semester 2019.

Course occasion

Monday 24 September 2018 - deadline for entering a course occasion in KIWAS for advertising in the spring semester 2019 course catalogue.

For the research schools, Thursday 22 November 2018 is deadline to report their planned course occasions for the spring semester 2019, according to guidelines. 

Funding of freestanding courses

Monday 3 September 2018 is deadline for submitting an application for funding for the spring semester 2019. This only refers to courses that are not part of a doctoral programme or are to be wholly financed in another way, see Applying for funding for freestanding courses.

The same date applies to application for funding of so called additional costs when arranging courses in international collaborations.

Funding of courses within doctoral programmes

Contact a doctoral programme (or several) well in advance to apply for having the course included in the programme.

Course catalogue and application period

The course catalogue is open annually for application during the approximate periods: 15 April - 15 May (for autumn semester) and 15 October - 15 November (for spring semester) - subject to a different start/end date depending upon the day of the week.
For the spring semester 2019 catalogue the application period will be 15 October - 15 November 2018.

Funding of doctoral education activities

Application for doctoral activities other than courses can be submitted throughout the year, but well in advance of the activity. Read more about applying for this kind of fundingPlease see Applying for funding of doctoral education activities for more information.


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