Creating a strong password

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Below you will find a few tips on how to create a strong password.

Strong passwords/phrases should be

Idélampa - tips på bra lösenord

  • not written down
  • sufficiently long and unique to be unguessable by others



There are many ways to create a secure password. Think of a system that will be easy for you to remember.


Think of a phrase or a sentence instead of a single word. Use, for instance, short words separated by an underscore, dash or other character in the sentence that you thought of.Nyckel - tips på bra lösenord

You can also improve the quality of your phrase by making adjustments to it. Begin with a sentence that you choosed.

Remove the spaces between the words and capitalise the first letter of each one or use a special character like #,= or ^ to separate the words.

Add or replace letters with numbers and special characters using a “translator” that you have decided yourself.

Please note that you must not use your KI-password outside KI. You need to use another system for passwords used in private websites like Facebook, public email servers and others.