Courses held by the Environment and Security unit

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Within the Environment and Security unit, there are some courses provided for employees, with the aim of facilitating and ensuring that KI offers a safe and secure work environment. The security covers both physical and local security. (page under construction)

We offer courses in the following areas:


Biosafety (swedish/english)

The course is given once in the autumn in Solna (english) and once in the spring in Flemmingsberg (swedish). The course aims at providing basic knowledge about biosecurity and addresses all KI who work with, or will work in the future with microorganisms, genetically modified microorganisms and cells as well as human test materials. No specific prerequisites are required. Date will be issued, notification will be made by mail to

Coursedate: May 28:th, see the invitation and more details. Register for the course to



Fire safety training has been procured in order to be able to offer the number of courses needed to meet KI’s needs. From autumn 2017, the Environment and Security Unit has centrally organized several courses that can be booked for you as a KI employee. You are responsible for your own booking/cancellation of the course date for "Basic Fire Education", paid by the Environment and Security Unit.

Link to booking of course Basic Fire Education. More information about KI's "Training within Fire Safety".