Core facilities and equipment

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We have a number of core facilit in ANA Futura which are equipped especially for the cutting edge research that we conduct. The equipment in these laboratories will be used in conjunction with staff at ANA Futura.

Booking the equipment

A web-based booking system for all KI advanced equipment is currently under negotiation. The plan is to use ANA Futura for advanced equipment such as FACS/Sorting, confocal laser scanning microscopy, mass spectrometry, and X-ray. The system will hopefully be ready to use in 2018/2019.

Core facilities

State-of-the-art BSL3 laboratory

There are three culture rooms for work with airborne pathogens. In addition to these rooms, there are rooms for flow cytometry/sorting, confocal laser scanning microscopy and cryostats (about 200 sq.m.).

Homepage for BSL3

Advanced flow cytometry and sorting (BSL2)

For working with Hazard Group 2 classified microorganisms. We have three rooms for flow cytometry, and two rooms for sorting.

Mass spectrometry

For identifying components or chemicals in biological samples. We have three mass spectrometers on Level 8.

Confocal laser scanning microscopy

For demonstrating components in living cells. We have two rooms for confocal laser scanning microscopy on Levels 7 and 8.


A laboratory for method development, upscaling and validation in GMP production. This will be located on Level 8.

Homepage for Pre-GMP


A laboratory for irradiation of biological material for the entire Flemlingsberg campus. This will be located on Level 3.

Homepage for X-ray

Lab Driving License

A dedicated “driving licence” will be necessary for working in these special laboratories. More information on how, where, and when will be available in the near future.