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KI's staff directory (aka KIMKAT) is linked to the website, so that we can present contact details in a number of ways. The contact card you choose depends on the type of information you want to present.

Standard contact cards

All employees and affiliates at Karolinska Institutet have a KI-ID, which is unique for each person. This KI-ID is used in the standard contact cards, which are available throughout the website. The cards are linked to our staff directory (KIMKAT) and are updated dynamically when changes occur.

The standard contact card is available for all editors. It is generated and updated dynamically through a link to the staff directory (KIMKAT). As an editor you do not create this type of contact card - they are already available in the system.

When you insert a contact card for a person who has a KI-ID, first and foremost use this option.

The information displayed in the contact card is name, title, email address, telephone and organizational affiliation, all the data is retrieved from KIMKAT. If the person has added a picture of him/herself on the profile page it will appear here too.

Finding a person's ki-id

There are two ways of finding a person's ki-id:

Search for the person. Search the person at In the result the name is the path to the person's profile page and in the path you will find KI-ID of the person, usually the first three letters of the first name and surname.

Searching in Outlook. Choose File > New message or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+N.

Insert a standard contact card

To insert a standard contact card that is linked to our staff directory (KIMKAT), insert the syntax



Systems manager

Kristina Sommar

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 836 11
Organizational unit: Development

Customized contact card

Sometimes, as an editor, you need to create a customized contact card, for example if the person's cell phone number needs to be displayed (use KIMKAT card) or if the person or function does not have a KI-ID (use the Custom Card). Note that the contact cards you create yourself can only be used on the site where the contact card was created.

Go to the Add content menu and select Contact Card.

Language – Cannot be changed here.

Title – The name on the contact card. The title only appears in the administrator interface. Use a so descriptive title as possible, e.g. “XX in the role of director”.

Type of card – Choose the type of contact card. Mandatory.


This contact card you create yourself. This type of contact card is also linked to the staff directory KIMKAT. The difference from the standard contact card is that you can make some adjustments to the data shown, for example, display the mobile phone number and change the title on a person. This is especially useful when you need to put a person in another context.

Person - Search for the person that the contact card concerns.

Display cell phone – Check this field if you want to show the person’s cell phone number. This presupposes that the telephone number has been entered in KIMKAT.

Display organizational unit – Check this field if you want to show the person’s unit on the contact card.

Display institution – Check this field if you want to show the person’s department on the contact card.

Custom contact card

Used in cases where you need to create a contact card for a function, for example, Registrar, or if the person in question lacks a KI-ID.

Sometimes you may also want to enter more details for a function or a service, e.g. opening hours. Enter this information where applicable in the body field, so that it appears below the other fields on the contact card.

Registrar´s Office

Phone: +46 8 524 865 95
Fax: +46 8 31 11 01
Address: Karolinska Institutet
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Visiting address: Nobels väg 5, Solna

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Insert a customized contact card

  1. When you have created customized contact card according to the section above, insert it on the page as follows:
  2. Click on the link Contact card generator widget, which is located under the body box. Now enter the name of the person and click Get Code.
  3. Copy the received code and insert this in the body.

Staff listings

You can create dynamic lists of persons belonging to an organizational unit (in KIMKAT this is called "ou"). This can be useful when, for example, you want to list all the employees in a unit or in a research group. The list is generated via KIMKAT and is automatically updated when the information in the database is updated.

NOTE! The organizational unit must be registered in KIMKAT for the list to be generated.

Organizational unit - find ID number

All organizational units defined in our staff directory (KIMKAT) have an individual ID number.

At the present time the easiest way to find an organizational unit's ID number is in the old staff directory. Once you have located your organizational unit, note the ID number at the end of the URL, as shown in the figure below.

Insert a staff list on a page

To list employees in an organizational unit (for example a department or research team), you enter the code bit with brackets that are also described under the body field.

Example: [ou: number]. This generates a list of employees who belong to this organizational unit.

Note! Sometimes a person may appear twice in the list. Inthese cases the person may have two different employments or have been added several times in KIMKAT. All such personnel matters are handled by the KIMKAT administrator at the department.

Example, staff in the IT department, ou Number 779:

Mats AnderssonIT specialist
Magnus AnåSystem administrator
Ulvi AtalarOperations technician
Anders BergqvistTeammanager
Christer BorgKonsult
Hugo BångKonsult
Pratap ChatterjeeSystem developer
Stellan CrusoeOperations technician
Michele Di GeronimoSystem administrator
John EkareSystem developer
Per EklundKonsult
Jan EngwallKonsult
Tomas EriksonKonsult
Andreas ErikssonKonsult
Parisa FarzbodSystems manager
Edgardo FauneSystem administrator
Johan FredinDatabase technician
Alex GaticaCoordinator
Muj GellvénSystems manager
Martina GidlöfCoordinator
Tobias GrundelHead of unit
Johan HagelinSystems manager
Tina HarbertsProject manager
Torbjörn HeinlaidOperations technician
Niclas HenrikssonSystem administrator
Tommi HimmelroosSystem developer
Marcus HolmerinSystem administrator
Pernilla HulthKonsult
Rasmus JanssonKonsult
Eric JohanssonOperations technician
Stefan KaptensSystems manager
Jacob KarlssonSystem administrator
Martin KarlssonSystem administrator
Christer KarlssonOperations technician
Caroline KarlssonCoordinator
Vito KasimOperations technician
Tabea KemnaCommunications officer
Patrik KrantzOperations technician
Tiina LaasSystem administrator
Tobias LagerbjelkeNetwork technician
Rasmus LarssonSystem administrator
Andreas LarssonKonsult
Peter LarssonOperations technician
Lars LindströmKonsult
Birgitta LönnerbergCoordinator
Marie LöwinderSystem administrator
Susanne MagnussonKonsult
Stefan MatovicOperations technician
Johan MitchellOperations technician
Martin ModeenSystem administrator
Ulf MorgellProject manager
Lena NordlöfSystems manager
Mattias NordströmHead of unit
Per PerssonSystem administrator
Oliver PhalénKonsult
Martin PousetteIT specialist
Yvonne PriméSystem administrator
Oscar RamsinOperations technician
Gustaf RislingHead of unit
Urban RyttmarkerIT specialist
Johan SandfeldtIT specialist
Nadim ShanboorKonsult
Juan SilvaNetwork technician
Joel SjöholmKonsult
Kristina SommarSystems manager
Jessica SommerdahlSystems manager
Christian SporreSystem administrator
Henrik SvanSystem administrator
Ralf SwenningSystems manager
Kerry SöderblomHead of unit
Tuula TalsoSystem administrator
Tony TaponenSystem administrator
Ranjan ThangarajahNetwork technician
Fredrik TingstedtSystem administrator
Susanne TorellSystems manager
Chad TunellSystem administrator
Helena TörnquistCoordinator
Nader VaziriKonsult
Fredrik WallströmIT specialist
Mikael WettercrantzIT specialist
Joakim WinterIT manager
Inger WodeliusHR coordinator
Maria YouTeammanager
Fernando ZamudioNetwork technician
Sebastian ZanderTeammanager
Ove ÅbergNetwork technician
Sven ÖsterbergTeammanager

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