Common and core facilities in Biomedicum

Here are the common and core facilities available in Biomedicum.

Common facilities/labs

Common virus facilities BSL-2 (D0411 & D0413)

The virus common facility aims to provide a suitable, safe and up-to-date virus work laboratory.

This facility is equipped with all necessary tools/equipment to perform virus work including production, purification, concentration and titration.

The equipment in the facility can be booked to perform virus based experiments on a price-per-hour basis (to be determined).

Please observe that access to the facility is restricted. Permit notification of GMM, mandatory introduction and booking are required.

Infoposter Common Virus Facilities in Biomedicum (BSL-2) (pdf)

Contact person:

Albert Blanchart Aguado


Clean room / Clean lab

Room for handling CMR-classified chemicals

By law, the handling of CMR-classified chemicals must be done in a delimitated and defined area. This, in order to limit the number of people who might risk being exposed, and also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should be able to avoid these chemicals.

Therefore, special rooms are provided for the proper handling and storage of CMR-classified chemicals. 

The rooms should not be used as general chemical storage for all chemicals.

There are two ‘CMR-rooms’ per floor, which means that two quarters will have to share.

Dark Room

On floor 2, room B0210 and room B0213

More information will be available shortly.

Gas storage rooms

Access to this room is restricted. Contact FM if you need access to the  premises.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2) and Carbogen (CO2 + O2) are gases that will be centrally provided in Biomedicum.

Other/special gases will be delivered in gas flasks to the gas flask storage room in your quarter. From this storage room, there will be tubings to your lab bench so that correct gas is delivered.

When a gas flask is about to run empty, a message will automatically be sent to FM, who will replace the empty bottle with a new one.

Contact FM Helpdesk for more information.

Radioactive facility

In Biomedicum there will be three common facilities for work with radioactive material.

Richard Odh, Security coordinator at KI, is currently coordinating the radioactive facilities regarding what instruments to keep and different work processes. He will contact those of you who carry a valid license in order to give you a proper introduction to the facilities.

For questions, contact:


Richard Odh

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 861 54
Organizational unit: Miljö och säkerhet

Room Isotopes
Floor 5 room No C0511 Non extensive work. Low activity.
Radiotoxity class C and D isotopes.
Floor 7 room No D0711 Non extensive work. Moderate activity.
Radiotoxity class C and D isotopes.
Floor 9 room No D0911 Extensive work. High activity.
Radiotoxity class B and C isotopes, e.g. 125I.

All personnel who carry out work with radionuclides must in accordance with regulations set by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM):

  • participate in a radiation safety lecture held by the employer.
  • have knowledge about local radiation protection rules as well as knowledge on risks from radiation. 
  • participate in local introduction to the facilities in Biomedicum.

The lecture in Radiation protection is held by the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital and needs to be repeated every 5 years.

Strålsäkerhetsutbildning för nuklearmedicin och labverksamhet med öppna strålkällor (course website)


Waste handling

When the waste container is full, place a ticket in FM Helpdesk to order a pick-up. Please use the labels, available in the respective labs. A waste container without or incorrectly filled out label will not be collected by FM.

Core facilities

All core facilities at Karolinska Institutet

Low temperature freezer storage facility

On floor 2 there are several rooms for storage of low temperature freezers (-80C, -150C). In addition, there are about 20 freezers for storing samples in liquid nitrogen. You will be given access to the room in which you have your freezer.

For access to the facility with liquid nitrogen freezers, you need to attend and pass a special 'Liquid Nitrogen Safety Course'. For more information about the course, please contact Katrin Pütsep.

Meeting and seminar rooms

There are several meeting rooms on each floor in Biomedicum that can be booked directly in Outlook, webmail or the digital screens outside the rooms.

Book meeting rooms in Biomedicum.

Supply Center

The Supply Center storage room in Biomedicum has been slightly delayed, however you can continue to make purchases through KI’s e-purchasing system. More information about the launch of Biomedicum Supply Center will be announced shortly.

Ordered goods will be delivered to the quarter on a daily basis.

We have a supply of Ethanol in place in Biomedicum that can be ordered via FM Helpdesk. Make sure to mention your name, quarter, project number and zz-code on your order.

The users may then collect the Ethanol on floor 2 presenting the adequate project number. You can schedule a convenient pick-up time by calling the telephone number mentioned on your ticket/order.