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Karolinska Institutet uses a colour palette that is intended to trigger recognition while offering flexibility. This page offers an overview of the three colours included in KI’s colour palette and instructions for how to use them.

Bildruta i KI:s huvudfärg plommonMain colour

Karolinska Institutet’s main colour is plum. The KI plum is an important element of our brand and our graphic identity. Therefore, wherever possible, it must be used in all communication for which KI is the sender.



Something to think about! KI’s graphic rules also applies if the sender is a department, unit or section at KI, for example if you create a poster for a lecture you are organising. 

How to use the main colour plum

Whenever possible, the most prominent colour must be plum. You can use plum as the background on a publisher area, colour palettes, and as text colour.

Colour code plum

Print Web
CMYK: RGB: 135.0.82
PMS: 228 HEX: #870052

Complementary colours

Our graphic profile contains two complementary colours that can be combined with the main colour: cyclamen and grey. 

Färgruta i färgen cyklamen  Färgruta i komplementfärgen KI silver

How to use the complementary colour cyclamen

Use cyclamen as a complement to plum. For example, on smaller, or parts of, graphic elements, lines, smaller figures or colour palettes. The combination of plum and cyclamen is unusual and is therefore an effective recognition trigger. 

Bild på layout där KI-cyklamen används

Colour code cyclamen

Print Web
CMYK: RGB: 212.9.99
PMS: 214 HEX: D40963

How to use the complementary colour grey

The profile colour grey is a colour that can easily be combined with both the main colour and with cyclamen. It is a neutral colour that complements the stronger colours well, and can be used in all designs. 

Use it in graphic elements, figures, lines or colour plates. 


Colour code grey

Print Web
CMYK: RGB:128.128.128
PMS: 877 HEX: #808080

Use of colours other than plum, cyclamen and grey?

You have access to an infinite number of supplementary colours and you can use any colour you wish; however, plum must be the main colour and the most prominent.

For example, use them in smaller elements in your layout together with the publisher area in plum. 

Visar grafiskt material där KI är avsändare där tilläggsfärger används

Ceremonial colours

The ceremonial colours gold and silver are used for academic ceremonies and for other important occasions. The Communications and Public Relations Office must approve use of ceremonial colours. 


Graphic Designer

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