Clear and throw away

Below a number of steps to observe as regard to the forthcoming move to Biomedicum.

Planning the move to Biomedicum

A helpful checklist for research groups moving to Biomedicum has been compiled to simplify your laboratory move. Good planning will minimize risks for entrepreneurs, laboratory staff and all other personnel as well as risks for property loss and damages to equipment and/or scientific samples. Go through the following checklist to ensure a safe and effective relocation.

Checklist for research groups

Move declaration

Laboratories that are being vacated must have a Move Declaration containing information regarding what has been handled in the room and what measures have been taken to clean worktops, fume cupboards, etc.

Equipment that is to be moved to Biomedicum must be sanitised and a sanitation certificate issued.

KI Move declaration form (in Swedish)

See governance document Anvisning avseende intern avflyttning (Instructions regarding internal moves – available in Swedish only) issued by the Facilities Director on 21.10.2016. These instructions apply to KI as a whole and to anyone vacating premises leased from KI. If you have any questions, please contact the superintendent or relocation coordinator.

When the move has been completed, the old premises should be completely empty. This means that anything that is not to be taken to the new facility must be sold or thrown away in good time prior to packing. Statutory rules exist stating that our first course of action must be to sell any excess equipment before donating it. This can be accomplished most easily via the Staff Portal, Buy and sell laboratory equipment.

Hazardous goods - chemicals and freezers

Large amounts of chemicals will require disposal in conjunction with the move, and specialist advice will be available from Stena. Relocation coordinators in each department can assist in scheduling a meeting with Stena’s chemical advisor.

We have received dispensation from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to move low-temperature freezers with their contents intact. This dispensation comes with a number of conditions attached, all of which relocation coordinators are aware of.


Biomedicum is equipped with completely new furniture and kitchen utensils. All existing shall be left behind (including Christmas decorations and the like).

Archiving applications, reports and laboratory logs

There is a legal requirement to archive all funding applications, contracts and final financial and scientific reports. Laboratory logs and an annual list of scientific publications must be archived.

Do you need more information or have any questions on archiving?

Please contact Lise-Lotte Wallin (

Termination of agreements

There are many different types of supplier agreements that will need to be amended or terminated (relating to all of the services that the service organisation at Biomedicum will be dealing with) prior to the move. Each group is responsible for ensuring that this is done.