Changes with the new Ladok-system

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The new Ladok-system will change how we work with educational administration as well as open up for new users, such as students, teachers and examiners.

The new system will affect everyone who works with educational administration and will result in new educational administration processes. New Ladok will be web based and you will be able to navigate through the various menu pages just like any other modern system. The change will make it possible to eliminate a large amount of paperwork. 

If you work as a teacher and/or examiner

Increased self-service will mean that you will be able to report the results and grades (if you are an examiner) directly in the system. It will be easier to get an overview of the course and students results.

The system is web based and therefore, you will not be dependent on being at KI to report results or sign the grades.

It will also be possible to take note of the non-rated course parts of the system (such as can be done in the goals and progress function in Ping Pong today).

Report results in the system 

An educational administrator will continue to be able to report results, but the new system will make it possible for teachers to easily report results as well. 

As an examiner, you are still responsible for deciding grades, which is done as an exercise of public authority. However, you will instead make the decision in the system, through a certification. 

How the work should be organised and distributed is, largely, to be decided by each department’s management. However, it is important to decide who is responsible for what in the process regarding the result management. 

If you work as an educational administrator

You will continue to have a major role in the Ladok-administration, however, your duties will change when students, teachers and examiners becomes users in the system. 

You will, for example, be responsible for linking teachers and examiners to courses. However, the possibility to report results instead of a teacher will still be available in the new system.

If you are a student or doctoral student at KI

You will be able to register for courses and print out study certificates yourself. There will be one national database; therefore, you will be able to get an overview of all your results from any of the universities that use Ladok.


Questions regarding the new system

Systems manager

Juni Francén Engdahl

Organizational unit: Studieadministrativa enheten