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Currently it is not possible to issue new or extend existing personal certificates. Server certificates are available as usual.

Personal certificates

Personal certificates will be available again when IDAC has been launched.

If you have any questions about certificates, please contact the IT support at it-support@ki.se.

Server certificates

To ensure that your computer is communicating with the correct server and that the traffic cannot be intercepted or altered you need a server certificate. Server certificates come in various shapes and are usually installed in Web servers, mail servers, etc. To request a server certificate, you must have a registered user account at DigiCert.

Read the following information from SUNET before you download a certificate.

Order a server certificate

In order to apply for a server certificate, you need to have a user account at Digicert. To create an account with Digicert, a signed delegation application is required from the Head of Department of your institution. Fill the application form Delegeringsansökan (delegation application) with the names of the person or persons who would like to order a server certificate. Once the form has been duly completed and signed, send it to certifikat@ki.se.

The user will receive an e-mail from Digicert and will be asked to create a password for the account. As soon as this step has been completed, the user can log in and apply for a server certificate.

Digital signature / Electronic signature

The delegation application form (Delegeringsansökan) supports digital/electronic signatures and there is room for multiple signatures. In order for the application to be approved, all signatures need to be digital/electronic. If you do not have a personal certificate, you need to print out the form and sign it manually. Scan the form with the signatures and send it to certifikat@ki.se.

Additional information about server certificates can be found below:

Important notice

The private key must be protected against unauthorized access. A backup of the private key should be made.

All backups of the private key must be protected against unauthorized access. The key length should be at least 2048 bits.

Terminated certificates

If the certificate is no longer in use or if you suspect that the private key for a certificate has got into the wrong hands, then the certificate has to be terminated. Contact IT-support@ki.se as soon as possible.

Contact IT support

Phone: 08-524 822 22

Email: it-support@ki.se