Career paths at KI

Below we have listed the different time limited positions that are the most common career steps for early career researchers.

The department heads are responsible for recruitment of PhD students and early career researchers. The Recruitment Committee processes and decides on matters regarding recruitment of senior lecturers, professors (including adjunct positions) and visiting teachers.

All open positions must be announced. Rules and regulations about employment.

PhD student

The aim of doctoral education at KI is to advance knowledge in the subject of medical science and contribute to societal development within this field. Usually the time to study to a PhD is 4 years full time. Here you find more information if you want to study at doctoral level at KI 

Available positions are advertised continuously. Also, four times per year there are larger common announcements for all available doctoral education positions at KI. Available doctoral education positions at KI are advertised.

Here you find the rules for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet and the general syllabus for the doctoral level education in Medical Science.


Postdoctoral studies at Karolinska Institutet are intended to give the Postdoc a unique opportunity to develop skills and independency combined with advanced training and mentorship by a supervisor. Postdoc positions at KI can either have a contract for a stipend/fellowship or employment contract. Please visit HR department for rules and regulations.

Career service postdoc information.

Research Associate

Being a Research associate at KI you usually start your own research group with independent research projects, publishing, supervise PhD students and manage to attract research funding.

Senior Research fellow

Employment as a senior research fellow is a career position in research that normally lies after a period as a post-doctoral student and research associate, or equivalent position.

Academic career system – clinical pathway

If you have a clinical education it is also more common that you combine your PhD education (Clinical doctoral student) with work at the clinic. If you already obtained your PhD, you can do a clinical postdoc. 


This is not a position, but an academic title that you earn after you have shown pedagogic and research competence. You need to have shown scientific qualifications and independence, subject knowledge and teaching qualifications. An affiliation to Karolinska Institutet is required. Learn more about how to apply for a Docentur (In Swedish).

KI Qualifications Portfolio

This is a portfolio for documentation of your merits. The KI qualifications portfolio comprises five areas: Curriculum Vitae, scientific portfolio, pedagogical portfolio, clinical portfolio and leadership, development and workplace relations portfolio.