Workshop Mindfulness

2017-06-0816:00 to 17:00 BASE, Alfred Nobels allé 23Campus Flemingsberg

Body awareness and mindfulness

We humans in modern society spend most of our time ”in our heads”, aware of thoughts and ideas, but relatively detached from our bodies. Nevertheless, much self-knowledge and insight can be gained from increased awareness of body sensations. Our psychological and physical limits, as well as signs of well-being can be concretely felt in our bodies if we learn to tune in – this increased awareness can guide us toward long-term well-being and life satisfaction. Also, our emotions can be concretely felt in our bodies, and increased awareness of emotions can lead to better self-knowledge. This workshop will provide inspiration regarding how we can develop increased body awareness through mindfulness practice, which can lead to a more holistic sense of well-being. For those of you with no experience of mindfulness and those of you with lots of it. All are welcome! 

Hosted by Maria Niemi PhD, MBSR instructor.

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