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2018-01-31 to 2018-03-31Campus Solna

Did you know that kids and young adults in Sweden spend 9 hours a day sitting? The manifestation "Upp och Hoppa, Sverige!" highlights the importance of breaking up prolonged sitting time, standing up for children´s rights. To support this, KI Health Promotion presents a challenge for students and employees.

The Challenge

Do 10 squats every hour throughout your work day. How many consecutive hours can you do?

Too difficult? Do chair squats. Too easy? Do squat jumps.Don´t forget to tag #kisquatbreak

Vice-Chancellor Ole Petter Ottersen and Professor Mai-Lis Hellenius starting off the squat challenge!

Upp och hoppa, Sverige!

Break prolonged sitting

Pep-talk by Mai-Lis Hellénius

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