Training in Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Module 3: Laboratory Safety

2017-10-1908:30 to 12:00 TBACampus FlemingsbergLeadership development training (HR)

Aim: To provide basic knowledge about the responsibilities, legislation, policies and procedures related to laboratory safety, and to communicate a basic understanding of risk identification and risk management, and how a manager ensures good laboratory safety. 

Content: Basic review of laws, procedures, guidelines and tools, risk assessments, permits, registration, notification, personal protection, emergency procedures, disposal and storage, mainly in the areas of biosafety and chemical safety.

Target group: Everyone who has/will be given delegated work environment tasks in  laboratory environment (or equivalent) and sometime during the last five years has participated in Karolinska Institute organized leadership training program “Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Module 1: Systematic work environment management  or "Basic work environment training /Grundläggande arbetsmiljöutbildning (2 day)" .

Teachers: Employees at KI's Safety and Environment Unit.

Language: Swedish


Sign up no later than a week before the course begins

Contact person: Christina Westin-Bohman (Tjänstledig)