Training in Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Module 2: Organizational and social work environment

2017-10-1708:30 to 12:00 TBACampus SolnaLeadership development training (HR)

Aim: The aim of the course is to increase knowledge about the organizational and social work environment and a systematic approach to combining preventative work with corrective measures.

Content: Organizational and social work environment, supportive processes and measures  that are available at Karolinska Institute today, strategies for handling conflicts and victimization in the workplace.

Target group: Everyone who has/will be given delegated work environment tasks and sometime during the last five years has participated in Karolinska Institute organized leadership training “Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Module 1: Systematic work environment management  or "Basic work environment training /Grundläggande arbetsmiljöutbildning (2 day)" .

Course leader: Kristina Eriksson, HR Office in collaboration with Previa (KI’s Occupational Health Service). 

Language: English


Sign up no later than a week before the course begins

Contact person: Christina Westin-Bohman (Tjänstledig)