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New challenges to Public Health in India

2017-06-0714:00 to 15:30 Widerströmska, Conference room Marie, 1st floorCampus Solna

Welcome to the seminar: New challenges to Public Health in India

Dr Sunil Chandy is the director of one of India’s leading hospitals and medical research institutions, the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore (CMC).  CMC is an NGO, run by an association of Christian churches all over India. The institution has developed a unique combination of front line medical research and high-tech treatments with community based health care geared towards the poor and disadvantaged.

India is undergoing a rapid transformation economically and socially. But development is uneven, with huge disparities. Economic developments also generate new challenges to public health, such as increasing alcohol consumption and other unhealthy lifestyles. An alarming increase in traffic fatalities is another example.

At this seminar Dr Chandy will present on these challenges to public health, the health care sector in India and the role of independent institutions such as CMC.  


Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg & Sven Andréasson

Department of Public Health Sciences

Contact person: Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg