Mondays with Mary Rose - Interview Skills for late PhD-students and postdocs

2017-11-2013:00 to 16:00 Rolf Bergin, Berzelius väg 3 level 4Campus Solna

 Interview Techniques - Deep Dive

At this live interactive work session with leading deal-closer and pricing coach Mary-Rose Hoja, we build on last month’s interview techniques workshop to master how to negotiate your salary, benefits, bonuses, conditions. How to avoid and overcome “no”. With pro interview techniques, role play, hot seats, how to influence people (hint: influencers, testimonials, perception), what to do after you meet the deciders to secure even more win-win.

Connect with Mary-Rose Hoja now at www.linkedin.com/in/maryrosehoja

Pre-work assignment

To maximise our time, do this exercise: 

1.Look at your input from your employer’s perspective. What is broken, sad, suboptimal that you fix?  

2.Now seek to put a monetary value on your input in your employer’s terms. What do make cheaper/better/faster? What urgent, costly, pervasive problem do you avoid or fix? What ambition do you help them achieve?

3.Pick one ideal employer. Look at LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Images, online communities, live events, to find out who they spend time with, what is going on in their world? What does their professional day look like? What are they struggling with, either them, their team, their organisation?

Bring your ideas, questions, comments to the work session and we will go through them. Connect with Mary-Rose Hoja now at www.linkedin.com/in/maryrosehoja


This is the third session in a serie of three for late PhD-students and postdocs called Mondays with Mary Rose. Check out the other session on Nov 6 and Nov 13.

Contact person: Kerstin Beckenius
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