KI-loppet - KI Campus FunRun 2018

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2018-09-1814:00Campus Solna

KI-loppet is a recurring running event for students, alumni and employees at KI. It is arranged by KI Health Promotion Unit and held every second year on each campus. It is a day of music and movement. It brings people together. It makes our bodies to move. It is also an important platform for us to promote health, wellbeing and sustainable development. 

We all have a role to play.

As a university we have a great responsibility in ensuring active compliance with the SDGs: to make good decisions for a sustainable campus, community and society at large. There are great opportunities for us to integrate social and environmental responsibility into various activities and events. This year we have used the SDG Agenda as a tool to make better choices. It is our hope that we by this may encourage others.

The SDGs

In September 2015, the member states of the UN adopted Agenda 2030 and 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Why they matter

The choices we make, the actions we take impact the world one way or another. The SDGs matter to all of us and the goals affect everyone.  Anyone can make a difference, anywhere.

What we do

In organizing KI-loppet 2018 we have acted on particularly Goal 3, Goal 12 & 13:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of physical activity on health and wellbeing & in prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases, NCDs
  • Highlighting  the view of strength and physical fitness as way of being helpful
  • Challenging  the idea of running to win (by time) vs running to experience the feeling of energy and strength, without comparing yourself to others
  • Using paperless registration and communication by going digital (registration, information,  marketing)
  • Reducing consumption & the use of unnecessary equipment, e g using no number bibs and no time chipping
  • Making eco conscious choices regarding material, packages, food & drink and prizes
  • Using less plastic
  • Highlighting the importance of on campus waste sorting
  • Emphasizing physical movement as a way of transportation

About the event

There will be three individual classes: 3K run, 3K walk or Quiz Walk. 

There will be no chip timing and no number bibs to pick up. This is good for the environment. It gives you an opportunity of focusing of the feeling of the run and the accomplishment when you cross the finishing line. Instead of comparing yourself to others, you may compete against yourself. If you would like to show/compare your time, we will arrange a board on which you may write it down.

The clock will start at the initial signal for everyone - walkers, runners, teams.  This means that you will have to check your time yourself.  There will be a time display at the START/FINISH area.

Remember to cancel your registration if you can´t attend – it will help us to reduce food waste!


  • Individual run/walk
  • Quiz Walk
  • Team run

Register for the individual run/walk/quiz walk​

Register for the team relay

About the Team Relay

The team should consist of 4 participants
The team should be mixed with at least one of the opposite/other gender.
The team should run with two participants/distance, i e you will exchange and cross the finish line together two by two.
This year the teams will make their own running bibs.

Prize categories

Everyone who participates (runners/walkers/quiz walkers) will be given a sustainable prize.

Team Awards

Competition Award

Prize will be given to the fastest team.

Innovation Award

Prize will be given to the team with the most creative and sustainable made race bib/team logo.

  • The race bib should be made of eco-friendly/sustainable material.
  • The team's race bib must be similar in design or in other way easily recognizable/identifiable.
  • It is important that the lap number is visible.

Individual run/walk

Competition Award

Prize will be given to the first individual finisher (M/W).

Non Competition Award: "Silent Hero"

Do you know a colleague/fellow student who is a silent hero? Someone who is strong and helpful, who takes courageous and thoughtful actions, despite any risks for his/her personal self-interest? Someone who makes the world a better place?

Nominate your candidate in your registration! In your nomination you should state why you think the nominee deserves the award.

Instagram Photo Contest

  • Open for KI students and employees
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Share a photo or video of how you - or someone you know - are taking action for the SDGs in daily life.
  • Tag #kicampusfunrun
  • The contest will be open the 18th of September – 18th of October
  • The KI-loppet Event Team will choose the best photo. 
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