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KI Discovers with Maria Albin

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2017-05-1011:30 to 13:00 Lecture Hall Novum, Blickagången 6.Campus Flemingsberg

The purpose of the KI Discovers series is to give insight into the latest scientific achievements across a variety of disciplines at Karolinska Institutet by highlighting new publications and recent international recruitments.

Professor Maria Albin, newly recruited to the Institute of Environmental Medicine, will talk about her past findings in the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and outline her future research plan at Karolinska Institutet.

Title: “A sustainable working-life for all”.

Reference paper for further reading: Occupation, gender and work-life exits: a Swedish population study,
Ageing & Society, March 2017.
Kadefors R, Nilsson K, Rylander L, Östergren PO and Albin M.

Coffee and a sandwich is served between 11.30 and 12.00.

Contact person: Ola Danielsson