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KI Discovers: Preterm Birth and Risk of Heart Failure Up to Early Adulthood

2018-04-2512:00 to 13:00 4Z Alfred Nobels Allé 8, HuddingeCampus Flemingsberg

Docent Anna-Karin Bonamy, Department of Medicine, Solna

"Preterm Birth and Risk of Heart Failure Up to Early Adulthood" published in J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017 May.

About KI Discovers: 
The purpose of the KI Discovers series is to give insight into the latest scientific achievements across a variety of disciplines at Karolinska Institutet by highlighting new publications and recent international recruitments. The seminar series is funded by the Board of Research and hosted by Junior Faculty, with administrative support of the Communications and Public Relations Office at KI.
The seminars are held in either Nobel Forum, Campus Solna or Hörsalen Novum, Campus Flemingsberg or Venen, Danderyds sjukhus between 12.00-13.00. Coffee and sandwich is served at 11.30. After the seminar, there is time for discussions. No registration is needed. 

Contact person: Kristiina Tammimies