Identify your Transferable skills seminar followed by coaching

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2017-04-2713:00 to 16:00 Karolina, Tomtebodavägen 18A, Campus Solna Campus SolnaCareer Service

Learn how to transfer your academic skills into industry terminology.

Working in academia as a PhD student, Postdoc or Researcher is versatile and challenging but is also a training ground for pursuing an academic career. It is a well-known fact that most PhD students and Postdocs must consider a career outside of academia. According to published data from Nature, fewer than 3% will reach a full Professor position at university and must therefore start to consider an alternative career in industry. Thus, learning the language used in industry is very important.

In academia you learn to focus on producing results and summarizing your results in articles as well as presenting these results at conferences. You are also responsible for teaching and supervising Masters students and laboratory personnel. How can these skills be transformed into industry skills? And what have you actually learned at university?

It is important to understand that in industry some skills/behaviors are not desirable! These include not having a business mind-set, territorial thinking, a competitive mind-set, bad team management, being over-analytical (too much time spent on problem-thinking), lack of quality mind-set and top-down leadership. But you have also adopted skills which are very useful in industry, for example, being a Program Manager, self-leadership and motivation, teaching, being goal oriented and many more.

By doing transferable skills training you will be able to write an attractive CV understood by recruiters and hiring managers as well as producing an attractive LinkedIn profile, thus better explaining and motivating why you are the right person for that job position. 

NB Limited number of seats at both events (seminar and one-to-one).

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Target group: PhD students, Postdocs and early career researchers. (Students if seats available.)

1. April 27 – seminar 13.00-16.00

You will learn about the following in the seminar:

  • what Transferable Skills are (TS)
  • why it is important to work on TS
  • strategies to identify your TS
  • learn to understand industry job adverts and matching your TS
  • your cv and LinkedIn profile and adding TS to increase attention

2. June 15 or 16 - One-to-one coaching, individual sessions á 45 min (limited seats)

Coaching in Transferable skills and personality


How can academics benefit from being coached? 

The benefit from coaching is that the client will be able to identify and improve skills important for their future career development and set new career goals. Coaching is of particular importance when academics are facing a change in their career. Examples of career changes could be finishing their PhD thesis, trying to leave academia after one or several postdoc positions or senior researchers looking for new openings after several years at university. 

For many academics it is sometimes scary to realize that funding is coming to an end and that they must consider a new career. Together with the client, the coach will identify hindrances and set a new focus on career goals. The coach will listen, observe and support the client carefully and meet their individual needs, following coaching standards, use of learning, feedback and evaluation.

About Tina Persson 

Dr Tina Persson is a Career Development Expert, Certified Coach and Recruiter and Social Media Specialist in her own Company, My HeadHunter & CareerCoach. She delivers workshops, seminars, is an invited speaker and Career and Business Coach, supporting academics, PhD, Postdocs, Assistant and Full Professors, in their change management. She is also owner, and Board Member of Aptahem AB a start-up company in the biotechnology field.

Tina Persson is also Trainer at HUCAMA Group in Physio metric Instruments such as Big Five and LUMINA Spark.
Link: facebook.com/SciencemeetIndustry

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