How are career decisions made at KI?

2017-11-3013:00 Hörsal Andreas Vesalius, Berzelius 3Campus SolnaBoard of Research

Take the opportunity to learn more and discuss how early stage career decisions are made at KI on different levels of the career ladder.

  • Get a crash course on the KI career ladder
  • Learn about the faculty funded meriting positions at KI
  • What is the situation at different KI departments?
  • Past and present SFO recruitments at KI
  • How are docentur applications evaluated?
  • How can recruitment bias be avoided?


Invited speakers from KI include: 

  • Prof. Birgitta Henriques-Nordmark Vice Dean for Recruitment PhDs
  • Sara Hägg & Sarah Holst, External peer review report
  • Prof. Jan Ygge Chairman of the Docent Committee

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Contact person: Carolina Hagberg