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Framtidsrådet's 2017 Spring Mingle: Ethics & the Future

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2017-05-1115:00 to 18:00 KI University Library, Berzelius väg 7B, TorgetCampus Solna
Framtidsrådet 2017 Ethics

As KI takes ethical issues in research seriously, Framtidsrådet feels that an open discussion fully devoted to ethical issues in research is appropriate for the KI community and larger public. Register to join the mingle!


Framtidsrådet has arranged Spring Mingle for the KI community about ethical issues in research. Due to recent events regarding the Macchiarini case, KI and medical research in Sweden has seen a decrease in trust among the public. 

During the event we will have three inspirational talks providing unique perspectives around medical ethics and more specifically research ethics. Following we will have an interactive mingle for all participants to continue the discussion around ethics at KI.  Fika & hors d'oeuvres will be served during the mingle. 


Registration is limited to the first 80 who sign-up! 
Make sure you have a spot!  


Welcome Framtidsrådet
Brief remarks on ethics at KI Acting Vice-Chancellor, Karin Dahlman-Wright
Inspirational Talks

Ethics at the border between research and health care: new guidelines and frameworks to support ethical practice
Ingemar Engström, MD, PhD, Professor, Örebro University

Ethics & medical research involving humans
Lina Sors Emilsson, PhD, Uppsala University

Ethics & trustworthiness when communicating medical research to the public
Amina Manzoor, Medical Reporter, Dagens Nyheter

Mingle & Ethical Actions Interactive stations will be set up for you to mingle and enjoy some food at while engaging in discussion on how we can make ethics at KI relevant for individuals and the KI community culture. 


Ingemar Engström

Ingemar Engström

Ingemar Engström holds the following appointments within medical ethics:

  • Former chair of the Swedish Society for Medicine's delegation for medical ethics
  • Expert in The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics
  • Swedish representative in the Nordic Committee on Bioethics
  • Ethics expert in the Swedish Medical Products Agency's scientific committee
  • Ethics expert in Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services' scientific committee
  • Ethics expert the Swedish National Working Party for Cancer Drugs
  • Expert in the government committee on extended access to assisted conception​
  • Consultant in specific ethical issues at KI/Karolinska

Lina Sors Emilsson

Lina Sors EmilssonLina Sors Emilsson is a neurobiologist that between 2000 and 2017 was active as a researcher and lecturer at Uppsala University (UU) in the fields of molecular and cellular cognition. Since 2017 Lina holds a position as Senior lecturer at the Department of Engineering sciences, UU where she works with management of customer-centric product development, entrepreneurship. She also conduct research related to implementation and evaluation of context dependent medical technologies. Furthermore Lina is a business owner and operator of a corporation partnering with different stakeholders to facilitate so that new innovative rehab-technologies can “bridge the gap” between development, clinical research and clinical practice. Lina’s expertise’s are in genetics, neurobiology, molecular and cellular cognition as well as market introduction, implementation and evaluation of rehabilitation technologies.

In 2017, Lina became a deputy board member in Scientific expertise in neurobiology & medical technologies for Ethical Vetting - Etikprövningsnämnden.

Amina Manzoor

Amina ManzoorAmina Manzoor is a medical reporter at Dagens Nyheter. She has previously worked at Dagens Medicin and Läkemedelsvärlden among others. She has been awarded the prize Enlightener of the Year 2016 by the Swedish Skeptics Association (Vetenskap och Folkbildning). Check out her DN article from February 2017.

DN Quote Amina Manzoor


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