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All calendar events that you create will automatically appear in the calendar archive for your site and in the comprehensive KI calendar.

You can also list calendar events in a promo list, see the section promo list - calendar events.

Also read the section Consider this when writing a calendar event that can be find on Internwebben.

Create an event

Go to the menu and select Add content/Calendar event.

Basic information

Headline – Heading

Image – Select an image

Geographical location – Select from the list which KI area the event will be held.

Event type – Choose the type of event from the list e.g. public defence of doctoral thesis.

Location – Specify where the event will be held, e.g. Pharmacology library, Nanna Svartz väg 2.

Contact person – Choose the person from the list who will act as the contact person for the event.

Organizational unit – Select from the list which unit/section/department/meeting centre etc. that will host the event. If your unit is missing, please contact If you choose a unit here you will be able to create filtered list of events later, see section promo lists - filtered events.

Date and time

Date – Date and time. Please note that if you tick the box "Show end date" you also need to enter an end time or the event will not be shown correctly.

Tags – Keywords. Choose from the list.

Publish on – Choose site.

Profile reference

By entering the name of a person here you will see the current calendar event in a calendar list on the person's profile page.


This is where you link to already uploaded docmuents. Please note that you must have uploaded the document before you can link to it, see section Document managament.


This is where you add links if needed.

The following fields are not used:

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