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The sale of laboratory equipment from the university departments relocating to Ana 8, Biomedicum, Bioclinicum and Neo.

With the move to new premises, research groups will be forming new constellations and optimising the use of shared equipment. We are currently compiling an inventory and have identified certain KI-owned laboratory equipment that will not be needed. Consequently, we’re launching this page where you can buy, sell or give away equipment within KI (KI-owned materials only).

Selling/giving away equipment

If you want to advertise an item on this site, fill in the form I have lab equipment to sell/give away, an editor will publish your advertisement on this page.

One item per form only, please!

Don’t forget to contact us when the item has been claimed so that we can remove the ad. Send an e-mail to

Scrapping equipment

Broken or obsolete equipment must be scrapped before the move. This is to be done in accordance with normal procedures and at the expense of your operational unit, see also Information about Guidelines for laboratory moves and or terminations

Ads - buying equipment

These are the adverts for equipment in want of a new home at KI. If you’re interest in something, contact the person responsible for the ad.



Big cryo storage

Laboratory Systems (LS) Series with Racks, 4800 Vials Including six racks.​ In very good condition, hardly used.Price for new approx 60.000 SEK.

 Cryo storage

Price: 7 000 SEK


FPLC (Pharmacia)

We have an old FPLC originally from Pharmacia. It has a sample changer and a writer (paper writer). Pump A works well. Pump B seem to have some issues with leakage. Some spare parts comes with it. Welcome to have a look and give us an offer!

Price: 1000 SEK

Contact: eller telefon: 08-524 86 281

Processor/Processor Kit

HP DL160 Gen9 E5-2630v3 Kit: 733937-B21

New product. Never used due to wrong order. Brand new.

Intel Xeon E5-2630V3 / 2.4 GHz processor. Processor typ: Intel Xeon E5-2630V3.  Antal kärnor: Med 8 kärnor / 16 trådar. Cache: 20 MB.  Kompatibel processorsockel: LGA2011-v3 Socket.  Klockfrekvens: 2.4 GHz. Max. turbohastighet: 3.2 GHz.

Tillverkningsprocess: 22 nm.  Funktioner: Enhanced SpeedStep technology, Flertrådsteknik, Demand Based. Switching, Execute Disable Bit-funktion, Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel 64 Technology, Intel Trusted Execution Technology, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, Intel AES New Instructions (AES-NI), Thermal Monitoring Technologies, Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d), Intel vPro Technology, Idle States, Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT), Intel Secure Key, Intel OS Guard. Designat för: ProLiant DL160 Gen9, DL160 Gen9 Base, DL160 Gen9 Entry. UNSPSC: 43201503 Central processing unit CPU processors   

Price: 8 000 SEK


The Chromium™ Single Cell 3′ Controller

The  Chromium™ Controller has been designed  for highly parallel sample partitioning and molecular barcoding  for only run of Chromium Single Cell 3′ and V(D)J Solutions: Flexible throughput encapsulates 100 – 10,000 cells in 7 minutes with  cell capture efficiency up to 65%.

We have bought the machine  December 2017 and selling now for   52 000 euro

Price: 519 000 SEK


Cryogenic Refrigerator (liq N2) Taylor Wharton 20HC

Refrigerator container designed to store large quantities of materials at cryogenic temperatures between -196oC at the liquid and -184oC under the closed necktube core.

-Large storage capacity

-Versatile storage system - convenient canister index locating ring and internal spider -Designed for storage of samples in vials or straws.

-Samples (1.2, 2.0 or 5.0ml vials) are held on canes stored in canisters.

Straws can be stored in goblets in canisters. Comes with roller and 6 canisters.

Cryogenic Refrigerator

Price: 2 000 SEK 

AS-IS Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, Taylor Wharton 35LD and tipping stand

Liquid nitrogen dewar from Taylor Wharton. The LD Series of cryogenic dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.  Easy use with the tipping stand. Can keep liqN2 for 1-2 months. Sterofoam cap is broken and needs to be replaced. But still working condition and sold as-is.

AS-IS Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Price: 3 000 SEK 

Fujifilm LAS1000

Luminescence analyzer

Price: 50 000 SEK


Cryogenic Storage

Taylor Wharton 1575 RS Series Cryogenic Storage Tank Racks Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Cryo storage

Price: 1 000 SEK

Zebra Xi4 hi-quality bar-code printer

 Robust bar code printer that can print labels for long-term freezer storage without peeling off. We have two for sale, original packaging, very lightly used.

Zebra Xi Series 110Xi4 - etikettskrivare - svartvit - termisk överföring monokrom Dimensioner (BxDxH)26.2 cm x 51.8 cm x 39.4 cm. Vikt22.7 kg. Max mediastorlek (standard)Rulle (11,4 cm) Maximal mediestorlek (anpassad)102 mm x 3810 mm UtskriftshastighetUpp till 356 mm/sek - svartvit Max upplösning (sv/v)600 dpiImage GränssnittParallell, seriell, USB, Ethernet 10/100 MediatypEtiketter, kontinuerliga blanketter, papper i löpande bana Total mediekapacitet1 valsar NätverkPrintserver - Ethernet, Fast EthernetStrömtillförselAC 120/230 V Microsoft-certifieringCompatible with Windows all versions


Price: 8 000 SEK


Tanita Bioimpedansvåg

Body Composition Analyzer BC-418 from Tanita Tanita BC-418 body composition analyzer can calculate regional body composition, empowering healthcare professionals to better determine health risks associated with abdominal fat.


 Price: 6 000 SEK or telephone: 08- 524 82223

Canon copy machine model IR-ADV C5240i

An office copy machine model IR-ADV C5240i (bought in 2013) at the Division for Medical Inflammation Research (MBB) is now for sale, runs powerfully and highly appreciated. It is a quality multi copy machine (B/W and colours) with functions of scan, fax, printing and copying. The machine comes with additional parts PS PRT KIT-ARI, SUPER G3 FAX BD-AE2, CASSETTE FEEDING UNIT-AD2, STAPLE FINISHER-J1. The machine can be taken over from 180415 earliest.  More details/pictures can be provided upon request or visit. Service contract is not included. Price can be discussed, the new price 55,000 excl. moms.

Canon copy

Price: 22 000 SEK eller telefon: 08 -524 86638

Längdmätare (väggfast)

Har ett antal längdmätare från Seca som monteras på vägg.


Price: Give away or telephone: 08- 524 82223


8 st MiniSpir från MIR. Vi har även spirometrar från Vitalograph och MasterScope inkl kalibreringssprutor. MiniSpir från MIR, SNA23-T.04206. MasterScope artikelnr jae-171331, Intra Medic Vitalograph.


Price: 1 000 SEK

Contact or telephone: 08- 524 82223

Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Cell (Bio-Rad)

Two semi-dry western blot devices, bought during 2014 for 13.500 SEK each. They are in good condition and now for sale for 5.000 SEK each at FyFa, due to that we have too many at the moment.


Price: 5 000 SEK


The Journal of Experimental Medicine

Komplett samling av tidskriften The Journal of Experimental Medicine, med alla band från före år 1942 och fram till 1998. Samlingen innehåller ca 100 st. inbundna böcker, och för senare årgångar är det smalare tidskrifter.

Price: Give away



Zigor UPS from Danubio. The battery needs to be changed. Danubio 2000. (battery needs to be changed) 


Price: Give away


Laboratory incubator

Termaks Laboratory incubator. B 4115, sn 961303 


Price: 5 000 SEK

GelAir drying system

System for drying SDS-PAGE or agarose gels. Biorad, GelAir Drying System #1651771.

GelAir drying system

Price: 3 000 SEK

Nikon Ti inverted microscope objective turret

Manual objective turret for a Nikon Ti microscop. The turret is in perfect condition and has had very little use. 35000 sek new. Nikon Ti-ND6-E  t is located on the Flemingsberg campus. If you are in Solna we can put it in the sample shuttle for you. 

Nikon Ti

Price: 5 000 SEK

2x Statebourne Cell Cryostorage Liquid N2 tanks

2x tanks available, purchased in 2012 and 2016, each tank holds 6x racks, each rack holds 5x boxes


Price: 25 000 SEK each tank

Lamp for digital projector

Digital projector replacement lamp, type: LP130. This is a mercury lamp, it is still sealed in its box. Make, model and serial number: Replacement lamp-LP130, UPC: 7 97212 32302 6, SP-LAMP-LP1

Price: Give away


GelAir Dryer

BIO-RAD Model No: GelAir Dryer, Serial No:272 BR 01271 


Price: 500 SEK

Utandnings kondensator / Exhalation Condenser

Thermo Haake EK20, Jaeger ECoScreen, Typ 003-3005


Price: 3 000 SEK


Laboratorieautoklav, 25L med vakuum för bland annat instrumentkörning, vätskor och pipettspetsar (ingår temperatursensor för vätskekörningar). Utrustad med integrerad ånggenerator samt inbyggd vattentank som fylls på manuellt, 3 år gammal, köpt från Ninolab.


Price: 30 000 SEK


Munstycket är trasigt och behöver bytas annars fungerar det bra.

Millipore, Milli-Q Advantage A10, F0EA26834E och Milli-Q Q-pod, F0EA23189R 


Price: 20 000 SEK

Canon copy machine model IR-ADV C5240i

An office copy machine model IR-ADV C5240i (bought in 2013) at the Division for Molecular Neurobiology (MBB) is now for sale, runs powerfully and highly appreciated. It is a quality multi copy machine (B/W and colours) with functions of scan, fax, printing and copying. The machine comes with additional parts PS PRT KIT-ARI, SUPER G3 FAX BD-AE2, CASSETTE FEEDING UNIT-AD2, STAPLE FINISHER-J1. The machine can be taken over from 180415 earliest.  More details/pictures can be provided upon request or visit. Service contract is not included. Price can be discussed, the new price


Price: 3 000 SEK

ABI PRISM® 7000 Sequence Detection System

The system is a complete, real-time PCR system that detects and quantitates nucleic acid sequences. In real-time PCR, cycle-by-cycle detection of accumulated PCR product is made possible by combining thermal cycling, fluorescence detection, and application specific software in a single instrument. Quantitative results are available immediately after PCR without additional purification or analysis. 

Detection system

Price: 50 000 SEK

New Brunswick G 25 Shaker Incubator

The New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Incubator is electronically controlled and built for continuous operation, providing many years of 24/7 service for incubation with shaking fermentation. The rugged G-25 shaker incubator offers dual thermostat control and monitoring. Should the control thermostat fail, a safety feature prevents overheating. A temperature rise over 2°C will also cause the safety to take over, which will be signaled by the lit safety pilot indicator. Equipped with its 400-watt nichrome heating system, the New Brunswick G-25 may be operated in refrigerated rooms for low temperature operation. The system is protected by a 5-amp fuse located on the control panel. Designed with a simple, robust architecture, the New Brunswick G-25 gyratory incubator is easily adaptable


Price: 2 055 SEK

Laboratory autoclave / vertical Nüve steamart

Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media, the OT 40L and OT 90L are the latest developments benefitting from NÜVE’s long experience in steam sterilization. A flexible temperature probe can be placed in a liquid container to ensure that the required sterilization time only starts when the fluids themselves are at the temperature stated in the protocol.

Laboratory autoclave

Price: 74 860 SEK


Cryogenic liquid tank MVE 209L

Used for liquid nitrogen, Cryogenic liquid tank MVE 209L   is

designed for the reliable and economic transportation and storage of liquefied gases at cryogenic temperatures, typically colder than –130°F (–90°C). It can contain a large volume of gas at a relatively low pressure compared to a compressed gas cylinder and it provides a source of cryogenic liquids which can be easily handled.

Cryogenic liquid tank

Price: 12 340 SEK

Forma scientific CO2 Water jacket incubator

Used CO2 Water jacket incubator


Price: 5 635 SEK

Termaks Laboratory drying oven

Laboratory drying oven used in a virus room

Termaks Laboratory drying oven

Price: 1 500 SEK

Memmert Laboratory drying oven

Laboratory drying oven used in a virus lab

Memmert Laboratory drying oven

Price: 1 500 SEK


The Heraeus Multifuge X3 centrifuge series can handle a range of general-purpose processing including cell culture, microplate, bioproduction, blood separation, microbiology and many others. It features a convenient 3L capacity and is ideal for processing temperature-sensitive samples.


Price: 53 400 SEK

Holten biohazard cabinet, type Maxisafe 2010 1.5M.

Holten biohazard cabinet, type Maxisafe 2010 1.5M.

Price: 30 500 SEK

Holten biohazard cabinet, type Maxisafe 2010 1.5M.


Price: 30 500 SEK

Kojair biohazard cabinet Tammerfors- Finland

Fan: D4E 225 2 st. Voltage: 220 V. Effect :0,870 kW. Current: 1,85 A. Microfilter: 914x610x66 2st.. 305x610x66  2st.

Kojair biohazard cabinet Tammerfors- Finland

Price: 15 000 SEK


26L Waterbaths, VWR

2 VWB2 series 26L unstirred water baths for sale. Pictures upon request. Price for one instrument.

Price: 3 000 SEK

Office printer & scanner

Color OfficeJet MFP M577f printer and scanner from HP for sale.

Price:  8 000 SEK

QP Expression Bacterial Colony Picker

QP Expression (QPix2 xt) bacterial colony picker from Genetix for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 20 000 SEK

BINDER incubator

KB53 cooling incubator from BINDER for sale (no CO2). Pictures or details upon request.

Price: 12 000 SEK

BD Pathway 855 Bioimager

BD Pathway 855 Bioimager from BD Biosciences for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 200 000 SEK

Sigma Centrifuge

6-16K cooled centrifuge from Sigma for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 39 000 SEK

Microplate handler

Twister II microplate handler from Caliper Life Sciences for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 6 000 SEK

c1 single-cell Auto Prep

c1 single-cell Auto Prep from Fluidigm for sale. Pictures upon request. 

Price: Inquire for price.


TissueLyser II

TissueLyser II from Retsch/Qiagen for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 58 000 SEK

SonicMan sonicator

SonicMan sonicator from Matrical Biosciences for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 37 000 SEK


Air conditioner

3512AJ local air conditioner from KCC for sale. Pictures upon request.

Price: 3 000 SEK


Axiovert Fluorescence Microscope

The microscope is equipped with 5x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x and 63x. Suitable for most fluorescence applications, in plates format or slides format.

Axiovert Fluorescence Microscope

Price: 70 000 SEK


Exercise Bike Monark 928 G3

Selling 4 (price is for one!) exercise bikes Monark 928 G3 in original, unopened packaging - brand new. Suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, - for training, testing and primary care centers. For more detailed information.

Training C

Price: 25 000 SEK



A fully functional safer for sell.


Price: 1 000 SEK 

TMC Air Table

91.5 x 66 x 80(h) cm. Currently located at Dept. of Neuroscience and if you are interested you are welcome to come and have a look. Answer as soon as possible if interested so that we can arrange with the moving company when and where to move this.

TMC Air Table

Price: 10 000 SEK

Fluoroskan Ascent FL

We have a Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent FL in a good condition. This plate reader can perform a range of fast speed fluorometric and luminometric reads.

Fluoroskan Ascent FL

Price: 35 000 SEK

Shaking water bath

We have Buch & Holm Unitronic OR shaking water bath in a good condition. 

Temperature [°C]                      +5 - 99,9 °C

Temp. stability                            ±0,05 °C

Bath volumen [L]                       27 L

Heating capacity                         1500 W

Speed                                          10 - 100 rpm

Int. dimension (wxdxh)           480x290x180 mm

Ext. dimensions (wxdxh)        740X405X300 mm

Water Bath

Price: 1 000 SEK


Spot picker

Spot picker for gel electrophoresis. Serva Electrophoresis GmbH, HPE-SP1, S120028 

Spot picker

Price: Give away


Nitrogen tank

Nitrogen tank, 30 liter, with 7 racks. Taylor-Wharton RS series, 1575RS, 582-004-P5.


Price: Give away

Hood horizontal laminar flow

120 cm hood with horizontal laminar flow Good shape, serviced recently by Vitaverita. Holten HH 1.2 Plus (year 1998) - 120 cm bench.

Price: Give away


Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System

ABI Applied Biosystems 7500 Real Time PCR with Computer.  7500 Fast System. MFG date: Jan. 2012. Serial No. 275014205:


Price: 75 000 SEK 

Several small cryo tanks

Samples can be stored in small canes in them. Tank is on wheels

cryo tanks

Price: Give away

Olympus SZX16 - Research Stereo Zoom Microscope

Stand with LED lighting, lighting base with LED lighting, and with possibility for DF and OCD contrast. Complete with AC adapter U-ACAD4515-1-5. AC Adapter. Zoom Body, With 16x Zoom 0.7-11.5X; stepless or click-through for measurement. With built-in aperture.

Focusing section with coarse and fine focus for 32mm pillar. Focus stroke 80mm, max load 20kg. Lens: SDFPLAPO 0.5x PF Trinocular angular ergonomic tube. Okular focusable between -8 - +5. Hi power LED spot complete set of 2 Hi spots and 2 pieces 300mm arms as well as base plate. Camera adapter with c-thread.


Price:  45 000 SEK


Nitrogen tank

We have 3 Nitrogen tanks to sell.

8 racks of 7-8 boxes (depending of the tank) Each box can contain 25 vials

2 new (3 year old) with an alarm system, 1 older.

All in excellent shape



Office printer/Skrivare

Well functioning office printer - HP Color LaserJet CP4025

Price: Give away 

DELFIA plate fluorometer

1234 DELFIA plate fluorometer from 1993, not used for many years.  Wallac, Fluorometer 1234, Serial No. 2340208

Price: Give away


ProteinSimple Wes Automated Capillary Western

Wes is a fully integrated western blot solution. The entire assay is set up on a microwell plate and then proceeds automated in the system. We would like to upgrade to a newer system and thus selling this equipment. Purchasing date Jan 2017.

ProteinSimple Wes Automated Capillary Western


Price: 450 000 SEK 

Thermo Forma 907 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Thermo Forma 907 upright freezer. Volume of 792 L. T range from -50 to -86 ºC. One external door and 5 internal door. Display with microprocessor. Alarm system.  Inner dimensions: WxDxH cm: 93x68,5x130,8 External dimensions WxDxH cm: 118,9x94x197,6Weight: 444,5 kg. Price new: About 175 000 SEK

More Info

Thermo Forma

Price: 30 000 SEK

Contact:  Alice Hedensjö


Problem with vibration, get an Air table cheap! A TMC micro-g 63-551-04. Size 30"x60", (750x1500 mm) with smooth 55mm thick top. New cost 38,000SEK.

More info

Price: 3 000 SEK



2 refrigerators and 2 freezers, Miele, in good condition.

Price: Give away

Cryo storage tanks

Storage tanks with 6 canisters with a capacity of holding totally up to 2,100 ½ cc cryostraws or 630 vials in canes. Liquid nitrogen capacity w/o inventory ~34 liters. Including roller base for easy tank movements. MVE XC 34/18

cryo tank

 Price: 1 500 SEK

Temperature monitors

Four-channel temperature unit with probes for monitoring temperature in liquid nitrogen tanks. Minitube LNC-4


 Price: 1 000 SEK

LAF benches

Biosafety cabinets class II. Adjustable work height (manually), fixed  positions 700-900 mm. Silent <52 dB(A). Width = 1280 mm, height with base 1990 mm. Kojair Biowizard Gold 130.


Price: 10 000 SEK

4 st CO2 inkubatorer

CO2 inkubatorer (från Thermor Scientific och Bergman. Labora) som är i mycket bra skick säljes pag av flytt till BioClinicum.



2x Memmert CO2 incubators (108 litres)

2x Memmert CO2 incubators of 108 litres each. Purchased new for SEK 87000:- and installed by Hettich in December of 2014. Was used exclusively at CMM, L8:01, Solna where they still are located. The incubators are mounted vertically on a frame, so as to make a double unit, which we have used for separating primary cells from cell lines. Price below is for the pair, please contact me for option to buy only one.

For more info

Price: 40 000 SEK 


Regular laboratory refrigerator Cylinda

Price: Give away


Toner Cartridges

We have 4 HP printer cartridges to give away: - Black Q5950AC, - Cyan Q5951AC, - Magenata Q5953AC, - Yellow Q5952AC. Can be used with the following printers: HP Color LaserJet 4700, 4700dn, 4700dtn, 4700n, 4700ph +

Price: Give away