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The Board of Higher Education has overall responsibility for undergraduate education at Karolinska Institutet. This includes handling matters of strategy and development, evaluation and follow-up, quality, and information as well as monitoring trends and building and maintaining international contacts.

The Board of Higher Education is one of three central Boards at Karolinska Institutet. Each board consists of a dean, an assistant dean and members.

For news regarding higher education at Karolinska Institutet, please view the newsletter Higher Education News.

A Word from the Dean

Editorial in the newsletter Higher Education News 5, 2017

I always enjoy welcoming students to our beginners’ and master’s programmes. Having Swedish students and students from all around the world come together at KI is a great asset that we must never neglect in our endeavours to bring an international perspective in all our teaching.

Building up a working relationship with our new vice-chancellor has also been extremely stimulating. I’ve had numerous meetings where I’ve been able to describe our broad educational activities, our success factors and our most important challenges.

In early September I also had the opportunity to present and discuss critical questions concerning our study programmes at the University Board conference.

In these contexts I have focused on the selection of educational success factors and challenges that we have prioritised. Our successes are attributable to several qualities, most importantly our hard-working teachers and supervisors – who do a fantastic job – a high application-to-place ratio for our programmes, well-developed interprofessional education, systematic internationalisation work and excellent opportunities for integrating research into our education. But we are facing many challenges that we need to put all our energy into to develop and secure the quality of our education now and in the future. Some of these are challenges that the Board of Higher Education cannot tackle alone and that require action from management level.

Here is a summary of the challenges that I have addressed within KI’s four strategy areas:

Employees – Recruit more teachers (professors and senior lecturers) to cater for the needs of the programmes and to improve career paths in education.
Infrastructure – Quickly establish a new Unit for Continuing Pedagogical Education and Development.
Funding – Create stronger financial incentives for working with first and second cycle education.
Collaboration – Create a better partnership with SLL to guarantee the quality and scope of Work Integrated Learning in networked healthcare.

The Vice-Chancellor and members of the University Board have shown a strong interest in our challenges and we’ve had some good discussions in which we’ve looked at experiences from other universities. I think this has been a good start to our dialogue with the management to strengthen and highlight education at KI.

Two very pressing issues are the work that needs to be done in response to the reformed business model at Karolinska University Hospital, and the risk that we will not be able to attain the degree objectives for, above all, the medical programme. SLL and KI have set up a joint committee to make sure that the need for clinical placement places is met. We must work quickly, as healthcare provision will be relocated from the hospital, and the highly specialised emergency clinic is scheduled for implementation in May 2018.

Intense discussions are underway on how we are to introduce and switch to a new learning management system (LMS) now that Ping Pong is due to be phased out. The implementation of a new LMS will take time and must run concurrently with the gradual phase-out of Ping Pong, which will at least remain throughout 2018. We are already able to start work reviewing and clearing out the material in Ping Pong to ease the transition, and there will be more information as and when different decisions are taken.

If you have any comments on the Board’s work or good ideas, feel free to send me an email!

Best regards

Annika Östman Wernerson
Dean of Higher Education



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