Award winner for the Prize for the Internationalisation in Teaching and Learning 2018 has been selected

Published 2018-04-27 10:01. Updated 2018-05-07 09:29

Lars Hagander, Lunds University, was awarded the Prize for Internationalisation in Teaching and Learning 2018 for his work in internationalizing the study programme in medicine at Lund University. He has initiated and developed international activities and has secured that an international perspective is integrated throughout the study programme.

Pressrelease (Swe)

The prize was announced the annual deans’ meeting for the medical faculties, this year at Umeå University, and was given by Patrik Danielson, dean at the medical faculty, Umeå University, and received by Erik Renström, dean at the medical faculty Lunds universitet, for further delivery to the award winner Lars Hagander.

The award winner is decided jointly by deans from the participating universities on suggestion by a central prize committee. There were four candidates selected by the participating universities, competing for this years’ award from the medical faculties at Lund, Umeå and Uppsala University apart from KI.

KIs candidate for the prize 2018

With the motivation below, the Board of Higher education decided to appoint as KIs candidate to the central prize committee the team Maria Kvarnström and Lars Uhlin for the course ”Open Networked Learning” (also selected 2017): 

The ONL is a national and international interprofessional collaborative project that explores how digital technologies can be used for providing new opportunities for working in an international environment. It is an innovative development project where intercultural communication is a natural component, with the aim of developing strategies for e-learning through international collaboration. The target group is interprofessional; teaching staff/practitioners, ICT technologists, researchers and educational developers. Through this project, there is a potential of reaching/developing internationalisation at home, IaH, for many students at KI, as well as students in other higher education institutions nationally and internationally. Indeed, the course uses learning by doing approach where teachers learn how to leverage the benefits of e-learning in an international context.

In total there were two nominations at KI, the other nomination was “Raising the institution’s level of internationalisation by Anna Mia Ekström, Helena Nordenstedt, Karin Båge, dept of public health sciences.


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