Areas of responsibility at FyFa A-Z

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Information and contact details for different areas of responsibilities at FyFa, listed A-Z.


Access cards/key cards to Biomedicum

In order to get your access card/key card to Biomedicum you need to hand in a signed key card form or badge certificate. The certificate can only be obtained once you have passed the Laboratory Safety Test.

Once you have passed the test, download the Karolinska Institutet key card form (Word), and have it signed by either Head of Administration (Eva Gipperth) or Head of Department (Håkan Westerblad). Bring the signed form to Karolinska Institutet's reception desk in Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6 (opening hours: Mondays through Fridays 08:30-16:00).

More information about Access cards/key cards.

Activity model

Håkan Westerblad, Head of the Department 

Advisory council

Each department at KI must have an Advisory council. The council has a consultative role. The Head of Department is Chair of the Advisory Council.


Fill in affiliation form and send to FyFa KIMKAT-administrator Diana Mattsson.


All agreements, deeds of gift and contract should always be submitted in original to the Head of Administration at FyFa, Eva Gipperth


Agresso is Karolinska Institutet’s electronic system for invoice management.

Akademiska Hus, contact persons

Akademiska Hus (in Swedish)

Contact information:

Elisabet Linder, Property Manager
Phone: +46 (0)8 685 76 60

Fredrik Jonsson, Operation Coordinator
Phone: +46 (0)8 685 76 56

Erik Ekstedt, Operation technician
Phone: +46 (0)8 685 76 42

Jan Wärme, Operation technician
Phone: +46 (0)8 685 76 67

Alarms and door locks



FyFa has its own departmental archive for public documents, research documents etc. The main Registry Officer at FyFa Diana Mattsson is the contact person for the archive.
Areas of responsibility are recruitment issues, green light, recordkeeping of certain drawn up and administrative documents, etc.


More information – Shared facilities and processes in Biomedicum.

Authorized signatory

The Head of the Department is the authorized signatory for the department. This means that it is only the Head of Department who has the authority to sign binding agreements on behalf of the department. 


Booking premises

Find out how to Book meeting rooms in Biomedicum.

Booking premises (for lectures etc)
Only the Educational administrators at FyFa can book lecture halls in the electronic booking system TimeEdit. To make a booking, please send an e-mail to Eva Lindgren.
See available lecture halls at KI in TimeEdit.

Budget and resource allocation at FyFa

Head of Administration, Eva Gipperth



The FyFa digital camera can be borrowed from Sofia Schilken


Städgladen. Contact Andrea Siegers if you have any questions regarding the cleaning of the premises.

Co-determination (samverkan)

Co-determination is handled in a local co-determination group at the department. Employer and union representatives meet once every sixth week. 

Contact: Sofia Schilken, HR supervisor


Contact IT-support at KI
Phone: +46 (0)8-524 82 222

More information on how to order computers and sortware can be found on the Staff portal.


All agreements, deeds of gift and contracts should always be submitted in original to the Head of Administration Eva Gipperth

Copy machines/printers

Contact IT support if there is a technical problem with the copy machine/printer.
Telephone: +46 (0)8 524 82 222

Toner cartridges

The printers have been configured to send automatic notification when a toner runs low. New toners will be ordered and installed by FM personnel.

Copy paper

If you run out of copy paper, please contact FM Helpdesk


Debit card (FyFa´s)

Contact Zahra Abdurahman for the financial unit at FyFa. E-mail:   

Departmental educational coordinator, first cycle education

Elisabet Stener-Victorin

Directors of Doctoral Studies

Directors of Undergraduate Studies 

Dissertation defence

Sofia Pettersson, Educational Administrator. E-mail:

Please also see Dissertation defence at FyFa

Doctoral students

Questions regarding your employment, salary or similar, contact Sofia Schilken, HR supervisor at FyFa.

More about your employment as doctoral student at FyFa

For other questions contact Educational Administrators:

Doctoral student representatives

Please see Doctoral student representatives

Dry ice

Maintenance, ordering and replacement of gas tubes is handled by FM personnel. Contact FM Helpdesk.



New password for your KI email, contact FyFa's KIMKAT administrator Diana Mattsson.

If your KI email is not working:  

Employment contracts and salaries

Research groups who are looking to recruit should contact HR supervisor Sofia Schilken, who will initiate the recruitment process.

It is the Head of Department who makes decisions on contracts and salaries. 

Environment and sustainable development

More information to come soon.

Equal treatment

Contact Sofia Schilken.

Equipment (shared)

For a list of shared laboratory equipment available for all research groups at FyFa, please see Shared equipment at FyFa.  


Facility Management (FM) in Biomedicum

Contact FM Helpdesk

Financial reports (to funders)

E-mail: or contact the FyFa financial administrator in charge.

All financial reports must be signed by the concerned researcher and Head of Administration, before sent to funders. 


Eva Gipperth, Head of Administration

Financial unit:
Zahra Abdurahman, Financial officer
Soheila Khaledi, Financial officer
Kristina Seitz, controller

Fire safety supervisor at Biomedicum


First aid at Biomedicum

Contact FM via FM Helpdesk.

Flexitime for administrative and technical staff

HR supervisor Sofia Schilken can give you more information on flexitime.

More about Working hours at KI


Contact the financial unit at FyFa.

FyFa Forum

Upcoming seminars at FyFa Forum

FyFa Newsletter

Contact Gunnar Schulte, Editor
Read some of FyFa's previous newsletters


Green light

Read more about Green light on Admission to doctoral studies at FyFa.
Download the FyFa 'Green light' application form (Word). The completed ‘Green light’ application form has to be handed in to Diana Mattsson well in advance of either of the above listed occasions.
Further information on the Staff Portal - ʽGreen light’ – approval of a supervisor before the start of a new doctoral project.


Half-time review

Half-time review at FyFa

Health promotion

Health promoters at FyFa Sofia Schilken

More about work environmnent and health at FyFa

Health promotion reimbursement

A health promotion reimbursement of SEK 1,500 per year was introduced in 2013 for KI employees. Employees are also entitled to one hour per week (within regular working hours) of health promoting activities.

Contact the FyFa financial unit for the health promotion reimbursement.



Contact the financial unit at FyFa. Email:

 Invoice address to FyFa


Contact IT-support at KI
Phone: +46 (0)8-524 82 222



KIMKAT (KI’s staff database)

FyFa KIMKAT administrator: Diana Mattsson.


Laboratory safety

Read about Laboratory safety in Biomedicum


Contact FM Helpdesk.




Office moves, transports

Contact FM Helpdesk.

Operational plans and annual reports

Head of Administration Eva Gipperth


Package deliveries

To make sure that packages delivered to FyFa find their right recipient, please include the following details, visible on the outside of the package: 

  • Delivery address with postal number (NB! not the PO Box address)
  • Name, telephone number and quarter of the recipient (if in Biomedicum)
  • Name, telephone number and quarter of the sender (if in Biomedicum)
  • Description of the content of the package.

FM personnel will assist with package deliveries.
Contact FM Helpdesk.

Parking permits

Are handed out by:

More information on parking is available on the Staff portal.

Premises (rent and allocation)

It is the Head of Department who decides on rent and how the premises at FyFa should be allocated. 

Press & media

Contact Karolinska Institutet's Press Office at eller 08-524 860 77.

Read more about media launch of scientific work

Proceedings/minutes from meetings

Contact the administrative unit.

Purchasing and procurement

Soheila Khaledi is responsible for the Department's purchasing and procurement.




Consult Waste Management in Biomedicum.

Registry (and archive)

Diana Mattsson, is acting Registry officer at FyFa (Recruitment, green light, recordkeeping of certain drawn up and administrative documents, etc.)

Registry officers at FyFa:

Purchaising and procurement:
Soheila Khaledi

Financial documents and agreements:
Kristina Seitz
Zahra Abdurahman

Agreements and documents relating to grants:
FyFa Financial unit

FyFa Relocation coordinators Biomedicum

Andromaque El-Akiki
Michael Elm

Resource allocation and budget at FyFa

Eva Gipperth, Head of Administration


Safety delegates in Biomedicum

The Safety delagates in Biomedicum.


Questions about salaries: Sofia Schilken, HR supervisor

Service and support in Biomedicum

Read more about common support and service providers in Biomedicum.

Shared facilities and processes in Biomedicum

Read more about the shared facilities and processes in Biomedicum.

Sick leave

Report any sick leave to your manager and to Sofia Schilken from day 1 of being off sick. When you return to work, remember to report your return in the Primula.

Student administration for doctoral studies

Sofia Pettersson

Student administration for undergraduate studies



Supply Center in Biomedicum

The Supply Center storage room in Biomedicum has been slightly delayed, however you can continue to make purchases through KI’s e-purchasing system. More information about the launch of Biomedicum Supply Center will be announced shortly.

Ordered goods will be delivered to the quarter on a daily basis.

We have a supply of Ethanol in place in Biomedicum that can be ordered via FM Helpdesk. Make sure to mention your name, quarter, project number and zz-code on your order.

The users may then collect the Ethanol on floor 2 presenting the adequate project number. You can schedule a convenient pick-up time by calling the telephone number mentioned on your ticket/order.


Thesis defence

Sofia Pettersson, Educational administrator.

Please also see Dissertation defence at FyFa

Time Edit

See available lecture halls at KI in TimeEdit

Only the Educational administrators at FyFa can book lecture halls in the electronic booking system TimeEdit.

To make a booking, please send an e-mail to Eva Lindgren. 

Translations to Swedish

More information about translation and other communication tools and support can be found on KI's Staff portal.

Transport of furniture and office moves

Contact FM Helpdesk.

Travel expenses

Contact Finance administrator Zahra Abdurahman




Waste management in Biomedicum

Read more about Waste management in Biomedicum.

Work environment group in Biomedicum

Work environment and health in Biomedicum

There is a temporary work environment group consisting of representatives from the five institutions.


Eva Palmer


Ernst Brodin, Katrin IngermoMichael Elm, Eva LindgrenÅsa NordlingMargareta Porsmyr-Palmertz and Sofia Schilken.