Applying for EIT Health

The Call for proposals 2019

EIT Health has announced the details of its Calls for Proposals for 2019 activities in the Innovation Projects, Campus and Accelerator pillars. The second call for proposals for
Innovation Projects: Innovation by Ideas is now open.

Focus Areas

In the 2019 call EIT Health has added the Focus Area Innovation by Design projects. These closely resemble non-Focus Area projects in that they start from a recognised market need or societal problem. The Focus Areas seek to “zoom in” on these challenges and deliver increased impact by targeting multiple innovation projects as well as Campus and Accelerator activities with the same objectives.
EIT Health is looking to finance 3-5 Innovation by Design projects targeting each of the two Focus Areas Bringing Care Home - Innovations that will shift health care delivery from hospitals to primary care and home care settings and Value from Data in Clinical and Sub-Clinical Settings- Innovations that will bridge the gap between large data sets and clinical outcomes in chronic diseases.

Matchmaking event

At the moment there is no information about a matchmakign event before the October submission. 


Spring: All proposals to Innovation and Campus projects must be submitted no later than 9 April 2018,16:00 CET.

Autumn:  All proposals to Innovation by Idea must be submitted no later than 2 October 2018,16:00 CET.

All proposals will need to be submitted via the Plaza system. The call forms will be available as of 12 February 2018. The headings of the call form are already specified in the specific call details. Please be aware that you need to be fully registered in order to submit a proposal, and your registration may require up to 36 hours to be approved.

Evaluation Process

All eligible proposals will be evaluated. The evaluation process involves two stages in all three activity pillars:

(1) Remote expert evaluations - Each eligible proposal is evaluated based on the criteria indicated below by three independent external evaluators. The evaluators are contracted by EIT Health e.V. and receive a training on the EIT Health strategy, rules and procedures. They are instructed to check for a conflict of interest and to inform the EIT Health HQ if necessary before evaluation of the proposal proceeds. The three evaluators will hold a consensus meeting for all proposals evaluated: this meeting will be coordinated and moderated by one rapporteur. A maximum of 100 points will be awarded in the remote evaluation.

(2) Hearings (except EIT labeled degrees and MOOCs.) - Invitations for hearings will be issued by 18 May 2018 to the Activity Leader named in the proposal. Invitiations to hearings will be based on the scoring/ranking from the remote evaluation. The hearings are conducted by an Evaluation Board for each pillar. The Evaluation Board consists of an external expert group and will be chaired by a member of the HQ management team. The external experts for all Evaluation Boards will be appointed by the SB. The composition of the Evaluation Boards will be published prior to the hearings.