Apply for a KI account on social media

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Översikt av appar på en telefon

All accounts on social media platforms where Karolinska Institutet is the responsible communicator must be approved centrally. This also applies to accounts for departments, sections, centres of excellence and other operations and activities connected to KI. 

Is social media the right communication channel?

Reaching out in social media is a challenge and demands more resources than you might imagine. As a state authority we are obliged to be accessible an answer questions. If you are interested in discussion through a channel and have the resources to provide good material then social media may be the right way to go.

Social media are about involvement. Think about driving forces like humour, happiness, community and belonging. What do you yourself like and share on social media? Probably content that engages and touches you in some way and that gives you an added value.

Don’t forget that you can also contact KI’s central social media channels about exciting content. Send us your photos, films or other exciting material.

Setting up an account – how to go about it

 Answer the questions below to see if social media is the right channel for you: 

  1. Do you have the resources to manage the account?
    A person must be designated responsible for the account and there must always be a deputy. Social media never take time off and must also always be monitored during holiday periods.
  2. What is the purpose of the account?
    Think about what you want to use the account for. What do you need and what problems is the account to solve?
  3. Who are the account’s target group?
    Think about who you want to reach. Is it students, staff or the public who are interested in what you have to say? How old are they?

When you have decided your purpose and target group and ensured that you have the resources it is easier to decide which channel is appropriate for you. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work in different ways and have different users.

The Communications and Public Relations Office can also help you decide which channel is best for you or if there are other solutions for your communication.

Send your application to the Communications and Public Relations Office

Contact the Communications and Public Relations Office at and attach your answers to the three questions you find above: purpose, target group and resources solution.

Once the Communications and Public Relations Office has approved your application, you will be sent an application form that must be signed by your immediate superior. Then you can create your account and begin filling it with engaging content.