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Application process

Calls from KI Foundation & Funds are announced on the web and in KI-bladet. Some calls are also announced in selected specialized magazines. Calls are normally open for 2 to 3 weeks. Applications received after deadline will not be considered.

After deadline, the applicationprocess is taken care of by an administrator at Grants Office. All applications are gone through to be verified as complete, summary lists are made and material for the review-group is prepared. This will take about 2 days.

The review group will need about 3 to 4 weeks to assess the applications. The time needed varies depending on the number of applications received, the complexity of the applications and the time schedule for the relevant meeting of the Board of Research. (They meet once a month during semesters.)

When the reviewers have completed their assessment, an award proposal for award is sent to the administrator in charge of the call. The administrator will prepare a draft for the Board of Research, who will make the final decision.

After the decision has been made, all applicants will receive an e-mail with information on whether their application has been awarded or not.

As a last step the grants will be paid to the department of each awarded applicant.