Application part A - online forms

The central entry point to calls, application submissions and project management is the European Commission's Participant Portal. Documents generated by the European Commission can be found through the Funding Opportunities page, where a list of currently open calls is available. 

Always contact your department and Grants Office when planning to be part of a Horizon 2020 (H2020) application. A written approval (the Application Assurance Form) signed by the Principal Investigator, Head of Department, and Head of Administration must to be sent to Grants Office before the application deadline. 

Further information about H2020 proposals can be found in the H2020 online manual

Applying as a Coordinator

On the Participant Portal web page for the open topic of your choice, you will find the call text, related documents and information, the online manual, and the entry point for the proposal. When starting the submission process, you will be asked to log in using your EU login. Information on how to create an account can be found on the European Commission's web page.

Once you have logged in and confirmed your choice of call and topic, you will be asked to add the coordinating organisation. It is important that you add Karolinska Institutet with the correct Participant Identification Code (PIC).

The PIC for Karolinska Institutet is 999978530

You must also indicate your role in the project, add an acronym and a short summary of the project (these can be edited before submitting the proposal). By continuing to the next page, you create your proposal draft. From this point on, your proposal can always be found under the "My proposals" tab when you log in to the Participant Portal.

On the page called Step 4, you can add contact persons. You must add Björn Kull with the email address as a participant contact for Karolinska Institutet. 

At this step it is also time to add your partners. To ensure that you add the correct partner organisations, please ask your partners to send you their PIC number. 

As Coordinator, you can ask your partners to either complete their information online in the Participant Portal or to send you their details, which you can then enter into the Participant Portal yourself. Most Coordinators collect the information themselves in order to maintain control of what is entered into the submission system.

One way to gather the required information from your partners is to use the Grants Office templates for partners.

At Step 5 you can download the Part B templates. These documents you can work on off-line and upload as pdf files once they are finalised. 

Important: Do not forget to open the administrative forms by pressing the 'edit forms' button. These will be partly pre-filled with information from the previous steps. The administrative forms are also where you add more information about yourself and your partners, add the budget, answer questions about ethics isues, etc. 

Once you have uploaded the finalised proposal documents and edited the online forms, don't forget to press the 'submit' button. You can submit as many times as you like. It is the last submission before the deadline that counts. 

When preparing the budget, please read the information and download our budget template from the Budget and related financial information web page

Applying as a Partner

As a partner in a H2020 application, you will probably be asked by the Coordinator to provide the "PIC number" for your organisation. The Participant Identification Code (PIC) for Karolinska Institutet is (PIC): 999978530

You or the Coordinator of your proposal must also add Björn Kull with the mail address as a participant contact for Karolinska Institutet. You also need to provide administrative information about yourself and your department. This can be added either by you or by the Coordinator. It depends on what kind of access you have been given by the coordinator. 

When preparing the budget, please read the information on, and download our budget template from, the Budget and related financial information web page