Amending an approved application

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Any amendments that you wish to make to the members of the Examination Board, the opponent, the date or venue of the public defence or licentiat seminar, number of the constituent papers and the order of authors therein (if it affects your own position on the list) must first be approved by Dissertation Committee.

The approved date of your public defence / licentiate seminar may only be postponed by a maximum of six months. If the public defence / licentiate seminar does not take place on the approved date, and you have not applied for a rescheduling, you will have to re-submit your entire application.

Use form 12:1 or 12:2 (for a replacement of Examination Board member or opponent) to request an amendment to an approved application, and send it by regular post or email to the Dissertation Committee administrator for final decision by the chairperson. If the amendment is approved you and your supervisor will receive a signed copy of your original amendment request form by email.

Before it is “nailed”, your printed thesis and title page will be checked to ensure that they comply with the details of the approved application. If changes have been made, you must first present an approved form 12:1 or 12:2.

Minor changes

Minor changes that do not require approval by the Dissertation Committee are:

  • Title revisions that do not impinge on their principal meaning (e.g. the repositioning, addition or deletion of single words or punctuation marks).
  • Changes and additions to the order of authors that do not affect your own position on the list.
  • Changes to the order of the constituent papers.


You may amend or adjust the wording of your unpublished manuscripts before the Examination Board has received the constituent papers, but afterwards no major revisions should be made. Should this be the case, you must notify the Examination Board and the Dissertation Committee.


Questions about the public defence application

The Dissertation Committee


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Administrative Officer - the Dissertation Committee

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Administrative Officer - the Dissertation Committee

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