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Access to Biomedicum via bicycle garage on floor 2 - new routine from March 20 19 Mar 2019
Brain networks providing information to the prefrontal cortex have been mapped 19 Mar 2019
New core facility for genome engineering 12 Mar 2019
Drilling on floor 10 due to installation of coffee machines in Biomedicum on March 8 and 11 08 Mar 2019
Olov Andersson recipient of The Leif C. Groop award for outstanding diabetes research 06 Mar 2019
Björn Högberg receives Göran Gustafsson Prize in Chemistry 05 Mar 2019
Information meetings - fire safety and evacuation routines in Biomedicum 27 Feb 2019
A summary of EpiChrom meeting at Biomedicum in February 2019 21 Feb 2019
Welcome to Eva Noréns, new educational administrator at MTC and NEURO! 12 Feb 2019
A new service center in Biomedicum! 05 Feb 2019
The Swedish Research Council’s Consolidator Grant of 12 million to Katja Petzold 01 Feb 2019
Susanne Nylén appointed MTC Head of Department 31 Jan 2019
Liquid Nitrogen Safety Courses on February 5 for Biomedicum staff 23 Jan 2019
New Chemical Representatives for Biomedicum 21 Jan 2019
Hmm, Oops & Ouch – handling of work environment incidents 16 Jan 2019
Two Horizon 2020 grants for consortia led by Roman Zubarev 15 Jan 2019
Juleen Zierath, one of two researchers awarded the Nordic Medicine Prize for her extensive research on diabetes 08 Jan 2019
iPS Core Facility now provides mycoplasma testing of your human cell cultures 07 Jan 2019
The recruitment of new chairperson to CMB has now started 20 Dec 2018
Ergonomics lectures in February for Biomedicum staff 18 Dec 2018
Yihai Cao elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) 13 Dec 2018
Klas Kärre presents the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018 12 Dec 2018
Major grants awarded to MTC researchers in VR's call for Researcher Environments in Infection and Antibiotics 2018 12 Dec 2018
Georgios Sotiriou awarded the Young Faculty Award at the 8th Annual Mayo Clinic Symposium 12 Dec 2018
MTC welcomes Assistant Professor Ben Murrell 10 Dec 2018
MTC representatives in the new KI organisation 07 Dec 2018
Kaj Fried recipient of the Swedish Dental Association's International Prize 07 Dec 2018
Gunter Schneider acting Head of MBB from 2019 – recruitment group appointed 07 Dec 2018
Swedish Research Council grants close to SEK 17 million to MBB researchers 07 Dec 2018
Identification of drugs that limit the toxicity of arginine-rich peptides might provide new clues to potential therapies for ALS 07 Dec 2018
Breast cancer cells become invasive by changing their identity 06 Nov 2018
Two prestigious awards to KI researchers at the 17th IBEC held in Beijing, China. 05 Nov 2018
New routine for internal deliveries of packages in Biomedicum 26 Oct 2018
Lars Jakobsson group part of large EU-funded international research and training network for vascular anomalies 23 Oct 2018
Volunteers wanted for KI Neuroscience PhD Winter Conference 2019 16 Oct 2018
Old Cryo containers need to be removed! 11 Oct 2018
SOLVED: Technical issues with digital screens in Biomedicum 09 Oct 2018
Tore Midtvedt awarded The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav 1st class 04 Oct 2018
Still some places left! Liquid Nitrogen Safety Courses in October 04 Oct 2018
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg awarded BCPT Nordic Prize 2018 03 Oct 2018
Klas Kärre interviewed about the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 03 Oct 2018
Full house when KI opened Biomedicum to the public 01 Oct 2018
Power cut in the Biomedicum building 28 Sep 2018
New waste containers in place by the coffee machines 27 Sep 2018
One day course in Laboratory Biosafety October 25th 2018 27 Sep 2018
Birgitta Henriques Normark elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 26 Sep 2018
Liquid Nitrogen Safety Courses in October for access to the Biomedicum room with Cryo-freezers B0273 26 Sep 2018
Possibility to participate at a research seminar in South Africa in May 2019 26 Sep 2018
KI opens Biomedicum to the general public 25 Sep 2018
Important note regarding Freezer Alarms in Biomedicum 24 Sep 2018
Eva Palmer new acting Head of Facility Management unit in Biomedicum 11 Sep 2018
Working with Isotopes? 06 Sep 2018
New Acting Head of Department and Head of Administration at MTC 31 Aug 2018
Katja Petzold winner of 2018 Ampere prize 28 Aug 2018
Nicola Crosetto receives nearly 300,000 EUR for establishing a Marie-Curie PhD program on genome instability 23 Aug 2018
New pathway to activate the warriors of our immune system 22 Aug 2018
Liquid Nitrogen Safety Courses in August for access to the room with Cryo-freezers B0273 15 Aug 2018
Susanne Schlisio and collaborators publish in Cell Reports 13 Aug 2018
Oligodendrocytes forget their ancestry in adulthood 02 Aug 2018
Biomedicum: Autoclaves at FM's central lab washing up and running again! 26 Jul 2018
Biomedicum: Possible problem with deionized water solved 24 Jul 2018
Dogma shift in receptor pharmacology – deeper understanding of Frizzleds as pharmacological targets 19 Jul 2018
Michael Landreh, David Lane, Sonia Lain, and co-workers publish in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 Jul 2018
Places Left on the Course in Biomedical Ecology - The Microbiota in Health and Disease 17-21 of September 03 Jul 2018
Andrea Carmine Belin and Caroline Ran co-authors on major study on how genetic variation relates to different brain disorders 28 Jun 2018
Liquid Nitrogen Safety Courses in August for access to the room with Cryo-freezers B0273 21 Jun 2018
Lars Olson awarded the medal "8:e storleken i Serafimerordens band" from H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf 12 Jun 2018
MBB administration staffed to limited extent during the summer 29 May 2018
Summer Lunch on June 5th for Biomedicum Employees 28 May 2018
Testing the evacuation alarm in Biomedicum 17 May 2018
Skyway connecting Biomedicum and Bioclinicum now in place 20 Apr 2018
2nd Biomedicum Young Researchers Symposium - The science of the future today 15 Mar 2018
Biomusicum - the Biomedicum choir 19 Feb 2018
New members in the Biomedicum team 15 Feb 2018
Lucia in Biomedicum 06 Dec 2017
New archivist for Biomedicum departments 27 Nov 2017
Biomedicum News November 2017 27 Nov 2017
Biomedicum News September October 2017 09 Oct 2017
Biomedicum Newsletter August 2017 11 Sep 2017
Where do you want to hold your meetings in the future? 19 Jul 2017
Sing with Biomedicum 13 Jun 2017
Working environment in focus on Administration Day 30 May 2017
Biomedicum pub May 19th 2017 29 May 2017
300 politicians visited Biomedicum and Hagastaden 10 May 2017
Latest news from the Biomedicum project 03 May 2017
Biomedicum workshop during Neuro departmental day 27 Mar 2017
Biomedicum relocation information no. 1, 2017 27 Mar 2017
Strong innovation support planned for Biomedicum 24 Mar 2017
Nils-Göran Larsson, MBB, new chair of the Chairmen´s team 30 Jan 2017
Biomedicum Newsletter December 2016 22 Dec 2016
Overall Biomedicum research group allocation plan completed 20 Dec 2016
Allocation, shared processes and facility management TA-meeting topics 19 Dec 2016
Biomedicum relocation planning process intensifies in 2017 19 Dec 2016
Future support organization processed during TA-meeting 19 Dec 2016
More lab interior pictures in construction site update 16 Dec 2016
300 visited the first Biomedicum Young Researchers Symposium 10 Nov 2016
Over 300 visited mock-up house exhibition 17 Jun 2016
A goldmine for research 01 Sep 2014