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New rules for affiliates have been entered with validity from 170701. However, the previous administrative affiliation process in KIMKAT will still be applied pending completion of IDAC. IDAC is preliminarily estimated to be operational at the end of the year.

As decreed, all KI affiliates participate in KI's activities without being employed or registered as a Ph.D. student at KI. Pay particular attention to the importance of documenting the basis for participation in KI's activities. The basis for affiliation may, for example, include the following:

  • Employee of the county council with research funds at KI or who teaches at KI
  • Associate professors who participate in KI's activities but who are not employed by KI
  • Visiting researchers with external financing
  • Professor Emeriti who is active in KI's activities
  • Trainee/student
  • Student representative or external member of a decision-making and advisory body
  • Consultants or hired personnel

A person visiting KI for a number of days, who e.g., gives a lecture, participates in a conference or seminar and during this time requires access to the computer network is not affiliated; they are defined as a visitor. Workmen, service technicians, etc., who require access to key cards and certain other resources during a period of time are not considered affiliated either. These persons are treated in accordance with other procedures.

Rules and instructions for affiliation

Examination - affiliates


KI scholarship

At Karolinska Institutet (KI) scholarships can be granted to the following target groups:

  • Students at first and second cycle levels for early practical experience of research work in order to strengthen the link between education and research
  • Doctoral students who are partially funded through external scholarships
  • Postdoctoral researchers living in other countries who come to Sweden with the intention of only staying in Sweden for all or part of their postdoctoral education at KI.

Recommended minimum income level for postdoctoral researchers: 22.600 SEK/månad

Information on minimum income levels for doctoral students, see quick reference guide for doctoral students.

External scholarships at doctoral level

External scholarships (e.g. arranged through international cooperation agreements) that does not correspond to the levels of support defined by the Vice-Chancellor shall be combined with either a KI-complementary scholarship or an employment. The rules regarding external scholarships are valid from 1 January 2011. 

External scholarships

Other scholarships

Other scholarships for study abroad

Information about scholarships within Erasmus, Linnaeus-Palme and Nordplus and those akin to Marie Curie scholarships are only available in Swedish. 

Grants from other foundations and funds

Karolinska Institutet awards grants from a large number of foundations and funds. The foundations and funds award research and travel grants, as well as prizes and other distinctions.

Karolinska Institutet Foundations and Funds

Research funding


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