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The following information has been compiled by the committee for the monitoring and coordination of the action plan and constitutes an activity status report as of 30 April 2017.

  • KI revised its procedures for dealing with suspected scientific misconduct in 2016. Further work involves precision of details of the rules and reinforcement of procedures.
  • A framework has been drawn for a new ethics council to work strategically with issues related to research ethics and the development of and subsequent compliance with legal rules and regulations. The intention is for the council to be in place by the early autumn of 2017.
  • KI’s recruitment committee has tightened its administrative procedures for examining applications and requesting references. New rules and strategies for employment and recruitment are also being prepared.
  • Separate procedural guidelines for new clinical combined positions have been implemented in collaboration with the Karolinska University Hospital.
  • The mandatory resource testimony, for the ethical review board application for investigations in humans, must now in the case of research on patients be counter-signed both by the heads of the involved clinic and the academic department.
  • KI has entered into an agreement with Karolinska University Hospital and Danderyd Hospital on the coordination of work environment responsibilities when premises are used for the purposes of both healthcare and research.
  • Spot checks of laboratory safety at KI have been made by an independent audit team. The ensuing report will aid the continuing efforts of the departmental heads to improve lab safety and compliance in their respective departments.
  • User support for research documentation is being improved. Much work is ongoing in order to meet the target to have implemented general and mandatory use of electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) in a foreseeable future.
  • New guidelines for conflict of interest (COI) were established in 2016 and procedures for the electronic reporting system are in place. Further work is underway to further qualify issues relating to COI in external collaborations.
  • Procedures for the web-based incident reporting system were updated in 2016. The system itself is also undergoing technical improvements.
  • The needs for new courses on themes such as ethics and compliance are under review. Courses for various levels of management (e.g. administrative managers and heads of department) are being planned.
  • Improved scientific approach in education at bachelor’s and master’s level through enhancements on the theme of ethics in science. Further insight of evidence-based practice for teachers and students in clinical training is being developed in collaboration with the County Council´s hospitals.
  • Improved scientific approach in doctoral education. KI is working on developing the content in the mandatory courses on the theme of ethics for doctoral students. Electronic based individual study plan (eISP) will be mandatory at the end of 2017. Mandatory training programmes for supervisors have been in operation since many years at KI. As of 2016, anyone wishing to supervise a doctoral student must have passed an additional online course about rules and regulations, within the pre-ceding five years.

The committee for the monitoring and coordination of the action plan is due to submit a status report with recommendations by 30 June 2017 at the latest. Updated progress information will be issued in the meantime on this website.


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