About Biomedicum

Biomedicum will be a new inspirational research environment for world class biomedical science. When opened in 2018, Biomedicum will allow researchers from different scientific disciplines to work together under one roof and create new synergistic approaches to achieve scientific breakthroughs. The scientists will be supported by state of the art techniques and advanced infrastructure and the labs are designed to allow a dynamic and flexible organization of large and small research teams. 

Promoting novel research opportunities 

Science advances continuously and yet, we don’t have all the fundamental answers to the biology underlying human health. Significant challenges remain. World class research today requires both a broad approach and cutting-edge knowledge.

Biomedicum will offer an integrated research environment where important biomedical questions can be addressed. We will identify and promote novel research opportunities and new scientific interactions between our research groups. This will bring synergies and with different expertise and techniques at the forefront, it will help to understand the regulation of genes and the function of proteins from a broad perspective of biochemistry, cell biology, neurology and physiology.

Biomedicum will enable interdisciplinary medical research of the highest quality and improve our understanding of diseases and how to find new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and improve human health. 

Biomedicum film - The vision

Biomedicum will be the home of the Departments of:

Our Biomedicum vision

A catalyst for groundbreaking biomedical science aiming at improving h​uman health.

The vision is based on three pillars

  • A center for world class science aiming at solving fundamental biomedical questions and improving human health.
  • A platform that facilitates interactions, collaborations, and the sharing of experience, ideas and technology across scientific borders.
  • A rich and dynamic scientific environment with a flexible organization and a cost-effective administration.

Goals for Biomedicum

  • To perform groundbreaking science leading to fundamental discoveries and to improved human health.
  • To be an inspirational global research landmark, a platform for international recruitment of young and senior elite researchers.
  • To reinforce and improve clinical translation and interactions both at a national and an international level.
  • To be a reference research center for undergraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral education.
  • To translate scientific findings into practical applications and innovations and hence contribute to economic growth.
  • To strengthen Karolinska Institutet and Sweden as an international leading force in health, medical education and science.

Dialogue a success factor

Biomedicum is being realized through a close dialogue between departmental representatives, the Facilities Office and Akademiska Hus. The participation of the departments is a success factor in terms of creating a functional building that offers the best possible conditions for biomedical research. Surveys to Principal Investigators aimed at identifying general and specific needs have been a fundamental part of the process.

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Current Chair of the Chairmen's team

Head of department

Håkan Westerblad

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 872 53
Organizational unit: Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FYFA), C3
E-mail: Hakan.Westerblad@ki.se

Chair of the Researchers' team

Senior researcher

Jonas Fuxe

Organizational unit: Jonas Fuxe group
E-mail: jonas.fuxe@ki.se

Project Leader

Project manager

Mats Lilja

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 863 64
Organizational unit: Lokalförsörjning
E-mail: Mats.Lilja@ki.se

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