300 visited the first Biomedicum Young Researchers Symposium

Published 2016-11-10 12:14. Updated 2018-10-29 09:54
Margareta Wilhelm, Senior Researcher, MTC. Photo: Anna Vidina, Medicor  

Around 300 people attended the Biomedicum young researchers symposium in Aula Medica on October 21st. The organizers considers the symposium a success in terms of research lectures showing the quality and diversity of the research conducted in the departments moving to Biomedicum, and a lot of dynamic interaction during poster sessions.

Yildiz Kelahmetoglu, main coordinator of the BYRS organizing team and a doctoral student at CMB, gives her views on the event:

1. In general, how did the event go? 
"I think it was a success. Already some positive feedback passed by ears during the Biomedicum pub after the symposium."

2. How did the poster sessions go?
"They went very well in my opinion. People were interactive and open to discuss, master and PhD students had the chance to present their work for  (some for the first time) to their peers at KI." 

3. Were potential sponsors interested in the BYRS?
"They were very eager to be part of the event, having the chance to interact with people who will move into the Biomedicum was greatly appreciated. We even had some companies contacting us after we reached our goal and space limit, asking if it is still possible to sponsor the event. All our external sponsors came very prepared and well equipped to the symposium."

4. How did the lectures go?
"We invited two speakers from each Biomedicum department. They were good representatives of the quality and diversity of the research that will be united under Biomedicum roof. The lectures were quite informative as an introduction to the research areas Biomedicum will be home to." 

5. Any specific highlights from the lectures?
"It was very nice to get the overview of the different approaches taken to answer various scientific questions. What strikes me the most is the use of the most cutting edge techniques like single cell sequencing and nanotechnology as well as the collaborative environment we have here at KI."

6. Do you think the event fulfilled its purpose?
"After the symposium, during the Biomedicum Pub, a post doc told me that he established contact with a PhD student in another department to discuss about a potential collaboration, to share experiences and reagents. Another person thanked me for including the core facilities she was not aware of until now. During the poster sessions; there was a very interactive, energetic and dynamic environment. I saw people getting contacts of the exhibitors, chatting with Innovation Office, DSA, and other internal KI services. All of these tells me that the symposium achieved its aim." 

7. Will this become a recurrent event?
"I certainly hope so. I think what we did was a good jumpstart and hopefully there will be a 2nd and 22nd of the symposium. I think an interactive and supportive scientific community is a very valuable asset that Biomedicum must have. Hopefully BYRS team took the first step towards building it." 

8. Any lessons learnt?
"Many. Its amazing how you improve throughout the course of organizing such an event. One thing that stands out perhaps is that teamwork is very crucial to achieve the goals. We established a good group dynamics that helped us overcome the issues that came up both before and on the event day. We have a list of things to improve for the next symposium. For example people enjoy interacting through poster sessions and we would need to get them back to the talks by ringing bells outside." 

Speakers at BYRS 2016