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I want to learn R. Where do I start? 

  1. Download R, Rstudio and Rtools. If you have a KI computer, download R, Rstudio and Rtools from KI’s software center (both are free). 
  2. We recommend this free basic R course available at edX
  3. Useful packages to start with: dplyr (data wrangling), ggplot2 (plotting) 

  4. Cheatsheets by Rstudio (Posit) with commands for the most commonly used packages.


What textbooks on biotatistics and epidemiology do you recommend? 

  • Modern Epidemiology by Lash, Vanderweele, Haneuse and Rothman 
  • The R book by Michael J. Crawley 

How to prepare and manage your dataset

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