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The Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Facility

The BSL-3 laboratory is a KI-core facility and an important platform to develop research work within the HIV field. It has been built for work with microorganisms classified BSL-3, with potential possibility of conversion to a BSL-4 unit. There are several groups operating within the field of biology, virology and immunology of HIV infection and these groups are located in pre-clinical and clinical environments. This facility has been functioning since June 1994.

Due to safety aspects HIV work should be conducted at the BSL-3 laboratory level and it is in fact desirable to have a laboratory devoted exclusively to work with known HIV-contaminated material. The MTC-BSL-3 facility is a safe and efficient technical platform for HIV research, for training and capacity building within the frame of international collaborations existing at the KI and Karolinska University Hospital. The users of this facility are already involved in several international collaborations with countries heavily affected by HIV infection and AIDS.

These collaborations are supported by SIDA, WHO, EU and KIRT. In addition to the academic partners, also a few companies use the BSL-3 facility. The users of the BSL-3 facility pay a fee/hour. The fee is meant to cover material, equipment service and the salary of a half time technician.

The security rules established to work within the BSL-3 laboratory ensures that the HIV work is conducted safely according to rules. The approval to work in the BSL-3 laboratory is periodically reviewed and authorized by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Admittance to this facility is allowed only following contact with responsible personnel, for discussion and teaching of related safety issues and for practical introduction to the facility. The responsibilities are looked over and discussed at regular laboratory meetings.

Before admission to the BSL-3 laboratory, all users need to attend a course of approximately 3 hours with the responsible technician. All users also will have to attend 2 hours course/year on the simulation of accidents during work with HIV. All users need to agree to work according to the regulations and rules summarized in booklet – Safety regulations at the BSL-3 safety lab at MTC.

In general, the methods used in the BSL-3 facility aim at isolating and characterizing HIV and studying immune responses to this virus. Many of these analyses have relevance to follow the course of HIV pathogenesis, for the development of an HIV vaccine and improved antiviral therapy

Contact and location

Laboratory Room Telephone
P3 Lab (small) C541 08-524 86308
P3 Lab (large) C547 08-524 86290
Fax: 08-342216


Francesca Chiodi

Telefon: 852486315
Enhet: Francesca Chiodi grupp


Carina Bengtsson

Telefon: 08-524 862 89
Enhet: FMB.Arbetsmiljö