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Poster winner

Winner of 1st prize at the poster session, KICancer retreat, September 2014

TAp73 suppresses tumour angiogenesis through repression of pro-angiogenic cytokines and Hif-1alpha activity.

Marina Stantic1, Habib A. M. Sakil1, Hanna Zirath1, Gema Sanz Santos1, Alejandro Fernandez Woodbridge1, Ana Marin Navarro1, Evelyn Susanto1, Tak W. Mak2, Marie Arsenian Henriksson1, and Margareta Wilhelm1*

1) Karolinska Institutet, Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell biology (MTC), Box 280, 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
2) The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute, Ontario Cancer Institute, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C1, Canada.
The prize SEK 10.000:- was sponsered by Kancera AB